Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Why I Quit...

I feel like I owe you an explanation. About why I cancelled our remaining Crochet Classes. There are a few reasons...

I've taught crochet for many years. Mostly for free. When I was going to college. When I moved back to Albuquerque, I wanted to continue this. But it got all sorts of complicated. Like people wouldn't show up. So I started to charge a small fee. $10 a class.

And for 2 classes it went well. Granted I wasn't teaching a beginning class. The ladies who attended, knew how to crochet. They were just interested in a certain pattern. Or technique.

When I started charging for classes, I felt so guilty. But you know what? People started showing up. They took it more seriously. A friend of mine had told me...if people have to part with their money...they'll be there for the right reasons. And it worked.

Ladies were learning a new pattern. I got a little money. At least it paid for my gas. And at times, something to eat on the way home. During my last class, I even used some of that buy little things. Like crochet hooks, a book, a bag...and we did a little drawing. It was a fun class.

One thing to note, I try and do my classes in the winter. When the Markets aren't going and we don't have Craft Shows. Then I'm not worried about making stock for our shop...or orders. I'm 100% in the class.

But I'd been having so many people ask me about a Beginning Crochet Class. It got to the point, that I was being asked 20+ times a the Markets. So I said why not? I picked a Tuesday...but was open for Wednesday. Settled on a library not too far from me. But that was easily accessible from the freeway. And thought we were set.

My first class was amazing. Way more students than I thought. 16! The second...a rain storm hit. And many people couldn't make it. To be honest, just my cousin made it. We waited around for 10-15 minutes. And then decided to postpone a week. About 5 minutes after she left...I was printing out a few patterns...4 ladies showed up. We ended up doing a mini class.

Now the next sorta my fault. But not really. My uncle got really sick. Ultimately, he passed away. And I missed 2 classes. I posted on FB. But I did miss. Last week, I posted that we'd have class on Wednesday. Because before all this postponing, cancelling, and rescheduling...we didn't have a class planned on this week. And I had other plans.

On Wednesday, I had none of my regular students. None! And as I was getting ready to leave...4 of the nicest ladies came in. We had class. And actually had the BEST time! Laughing, joking, learning. It was a good class.

Fast forward to Saturday. I had 2 ladies...from a previously class...come scream at me. Because after one class, they wanted to make mermaids, unicorns, and ninja turtles. They had attended ONE class. I had taught the Granny Square. Basically double crochet. Not amigurumi. Not how to make a doll. I NEVER promised that we'd get to that point.

They kept screaming. And I just couldn't handle them. They demanded I teach them these other things. That I just HAD to teach them. Right then and there. I explained to them, that I could teach them a private class. Or they could attend an upcoming class.

Because I had put up a series of classes, that I wanted to teach next. After Beginning Granny Square, I was taking 2 weeks off. Then teaching 4 weeks of Corner to Corner. I would take another 2 weeks off. Then teach a class on How to Make a Hat and Scarf. Then I was taking a serious break. And after the New Year, I was going to teach an Amigurumi Class. This was and still is going to be my ONLY Beginning Class. It's just too hard.

At this point, a friend of mine came by. And told these ladies they needed to leave. The ironic part, the night they took my class...they didn't have crochet hooks. So I let them each borrow one. Never got them back. But honestly it doesn't matter. And they NEVER paid me. Again, I'm cutting my loses.

So on Monday, I get a call from those 4 nice ladies. They won't be back. It just wasn't their thing. Totally OK. Crochet isn't for everyone. I know that. Then a group of elderly women...who had convinced me to go teach them across town. During the day. Quit on me too. Because they found someone to teach them for free. I mean we were 3 weeks in. Only one week left. But it's all good.

This was a lesson for me. I learned a few things.

1. Beginning classes aren't for me. I just can't. It's stressful. Not because of the teaching. But the inconsistency of the students. They're not 100% sure if they want to learn. They can't commit.

2. Don't accommodate the students. I mean, does a certain day/time/location work. That I'm OK with. But if someone wants me to go across town...let's pay up front. I know'll be committed.

3. Beginning students have expectations, that far outweigh their skills. I had many students tell me, "By next week I'll be making toys." I had students go to our stand, and when they thought I couldn't hear, say, "I can make better things than this." I also had students who thought in a week's time, they'd be making 20 blankets. Let's take baby steps, before we run.

It is tough. I don't want to discourage anyone. If you try, you can make it. I promise. But I'm not sure about this teaching thing. It's the first time, that I've ever been so disappointed.

If you've noticed on FB...I've cancelled all future classes. I'm not sure how to go about this in the future. I was talking to some other Makers. I know I won't do a Beginning Class. If you want to learn...I will do a 1-on-1 class. Or up to a 3-on-1 class. But not another structured 4 week class.

As far as the other classes I had planned. I'm just not sure. I'm really not. I have 2 friends and a family member who really want to learn. So I've made arrangements. To meet them for a 2 hour individual classes.

If you want a lesson like that, leave me a message here or on FB. You can even email me at For now, that is what I'm going to try. See if things end up differently. More than anything, I'd like to be treated with the same respect, I give others.

I might try a Corner to Corner Class in the Fall. And maybe just charge a flat fee. Say $35. If weekly classes seem too much. I might just do 3 sessions. Biweekly. Class #1: Learn how to start and increase. Class #2: Learn to decrease. Class #3: Learn some edging. I'll probably have people sign up online...and pay that way as well. With a minimum of 5 students.

As much as I love to teach other people how to crochet, it also needs to be of some benefit to me. I mean the big box Craft Stores charge anywhere from $30-60 a class! So I'm not asking too much. Especially when some of their classes are 25 students. I also have a FB group and email, for my students to contact me later.

If you've gotten this far, great job! And I have a little deal for you. Once a month, I have Crochet Chats. I pick a place, and we meet up. Usually a restaurant, coffee shop, sometimes a store. And we crochet. Just bring your current WIP and come over. I've done this since January. Another one of those things, I used to do a long time ago.

Some months we have 20 people. Some months there are 2 of us. I pick a place that usually serves food. Because we usually meet at 6PM. It's usually the last Tuesday of the month. If you're interested...keep on eye on ourFB page. I'll start posting the events there.

Sorry for anyone that is disappointed in our classes. Or the fact that we have cancelled them. It makes my heart sad too. But join us for Crochet Chats. It really is nice to meet other Makers. 💕

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mid Summer...And I'm Stuck with What to Make

It's mid summer. Around here, our temps are averaging the mid 90s daily. And I can't even begin to think of cold weather items. I know! But it's been so hot! How do you crochet a blanket, sweater, or even a hat...when it's this hot?

I've been staying busy, testing a ton of patterns. And I'm really enjoying that. But I want to start stocking our shop. Before you know it, the Holiday Markets will be in full swing. And we all know what happens at that point. Crafters loose their minds. The twinkle of Christmas begins to escape you. And before you know it, you have 3 items left in your inventory. With 8 2 weeks!

I'm one of those people, that crafts daily. I cut out patterns for my Mom. I crochet. I recreate a million things I see on TV or Pinterest. It's insane! I also fill totes with these items. There's one for every holiday, our Annual Dia De Los Muertos event, and gifts for family. These are totes that I fill. And don't necessarily take with us to the Market every week. But I know when September rolls around, I have a tote filled for Fall. Halloween costumes, pumpkin everything, and more scarves than I know what to do with.

Already our toys are down to a minimum. I'm about to cry. Because I just can't keep up. My big Rainbow blankets keep selling. Our baby items are the same way. I have a stack of new patterns that I'm dying to make. Instead I'm continuously trying to restock Cradle purses, mermaids, and photo props. I'm not complaining. We have such loyal customers. But I am looking for some inspiration...

I used to be a "professional' pattern tester. I'd get so excited to come home to a box of yarn, and a stack of patterns. Then when my Dad got sick...I just stopped. I know. But it happens. A year ago, I began doing it again. Slowly. Maybe once a month or so. But in the last 3 months, it's been at full speed. I probably make 3-5 items a week...testing for small designers. I love it! And it's been a much needed boost. I just needed to make my craft fun again. And getting to help other small shop owners has been a blessing!

But I'm still selling full time at the Markets. And I need to make stuff. But I just don't know what. Toys? Clothing? Household items? I think I'm second guessing myself, because we were Waitlisted at both Markets this year. Do I not make things that are interesting enough? Let me know.

What are some items that you make? Or that you are looking for. I'd love to know. It's hard to gauge if the new cardigan I'm something that will sell. Or should I be making a ton of those silly tacos I made last year? I think I'm just second guessing myself. After all, our business keeps growing. Regardless if we're at the Markets or not. Maybe our customers already know what they like.

Monday, December 31, 2018

2019 Goals

Do you have big plans for 2019? Was 2018 a tough year? For us, as a business it was one of our better years. Can't complain much there. We honestly only had 1 "bad" day at the Rail Yards this season. And one Craft Fair that didn't really work out. But it was a pretty good year.

But let's talk about personal stuff. It was such a tough year! We lost so many people in our lives. It's hard, when you realize an entire generation is slowly dying. The toughest, was my Nanie (AKA Grandma). She is the one that taught me how to crochet. That sparked so many things, in my life. Gave me so much creativity. Saying those goodbyes were so tough. Losing our dear friend, Landis was also difficult. In fact, they passed just days apart. Lastly, my brother's unexpected death...well we're still trying to make sense of it all.

My Mom and I both struggled with our health this year. In ways I cannot even begin to explain, I struggled. At my lowest point, I could barely walk. We both endured months of physical therapy. I moved on to aquatic therapy. Which, by the way, was a lifesaver! There have been countless doctors' appointments. And well, things still feel really uncertain. My Mom is stable in her cancer. Right now. She is doing so much better.

Me? Well, there are so many questions. I have a ton of tests and appointments in the new year. And fingers crossed, some answers. I was released from PT and AT earlier this month. And physically, didn't seem ready. But insurance only pays for so much. I shouldn't complain, I think I had 5 months of therapy. So I was sent home. And told to return if something else goes a few months. I still have days, when it is difficult to walk. Most nights, I don't sleep. And my weight is all over the board. But I'm trying to physically do better.

But 2019, is just a few hours away. And all I can say is, I know it will be better. This year is going to be better. We'll be stronger. Two Crafty Hearts will continue to grow. And we'll continue to raise money for our foundation.

So what are my goals for 2019? I have a ton! For all parts of my life. Mostly, to stay positive, grow our business, and be more open to life experiences. But here are a few of my goals...

Two Crafty Hearts/Love For Blue Goals:

 1. Continue to grow as a business. We are entering our 19th year! Do you know it all began, when I ran for Queen at my church? I won. And we continued to sell our crafts. It wasn't until 2015, that we really started to expand our business. And put a ton of effort into it.

Applications are put in. And we're hoping that we get into the Downtown Growers' Market and Rail Yards Market. Hopefully weekly at the DGM. And semi weekly at the RYM. We are also hopeful about Craft Fairs and other markets in the coming year. Unfortunately, most people will tell you about things...after the applications are due. So it's up to me, to investigate and get things in.

And I'm still debating the entire Etsy thing. About 10 years ago, I sold a TON on there! It was a ton of work. But I enjoyed it. Maybe I'll get our shop going again. Another avenue to raise money.

 2. As far as our foundation, I'd like to have 4 fundraisers this year. I've set the dates. And we're looking at a 5K and Car Show in April, a Tea Party in July, a Dinner and Dance in October, and a Holiday Kids' Party in December. And of course, our weekly Market sales.

Part of this, is also looking for donations. You know, artisans, business people, and others to donate. Either a product, giftcard, or money. I was hit earlier this year, with a CRAZY expense to use a local park. So we definitely need some sponsors. I also use donated items for prizes, raffles, and silent auctions.

 3. Market ourselves. By this I mean, T-Shirts, bags, and hats. It's tough out there. I've been selling T-Shirts since 2015. And included bracelets. But I'd like to expand. I just need to find a reasonable source. Some places, make it unrealistic to turn a small profit.

 4. Be more connected in our community. And expand our presence. It's hard. Especially when you are trying to grow your business/foundation. I want to get our message out. I want to help more kids. And I know, this only happens by getting out and about in our community.

 5. Lastly, I want to be more steady on our online stuff. Like posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, our blog, and with our groups. I want to be consistent with our CALs, I want to start a Sip and Stitch group, and perhaps get another Crochet Class going.

So much to do! So little time. Lots of reaching out to our community. And asking for the help of others. That's the most difficult part. I wish I had another person...or army, to help me out.

Personal Goals:

These are the hardest! When I really have to look into my soul. And ask myself, what I want.

 1. Be healthy. I want to not hurt as much. To be able to walk. And eventually sleep. I want answers from my doctors. To continue with some sort of Aquatic Therapy. Maybe get back into yoga. Eventually, being able to walk my dog.

Nothing too crazy. I've lost and gained so much weight this year. And all I want to do, is be healthy. I've started to give away my "big" clothes. I don't want to be there again. At the same time, I don't want to be the woman I was in my early 20s. 97lbs, and always weighing my food...and working out. There has to be a happy medium.

More than anything, I want to feel good. I know I can't run anymore. And Zumba is out the window. But there are other things. And ways. Who knows, I might learn how to swim this year.

 2. Self Care. I did pretty good this year. Every Sunday, I had some "Me Time." With the exception, of the week my Nanie passed away. And by that, I mean just some time for myself. Sometimes reading, other times writing, maybe just listening to my favorite music.

I ALWAYS pamper myself a bit. With a face mask, some nail polish, and sometimes a bubble bath. But mostly, just time to focus on me. Pampering doesn't hurt. But it's about taking care of oneself. Your inner self. The part that needs the most care.

In 2019, I want to do all of this. And do the self care, that will make me stronger. Making time for my doctors' appointments, going to the dentist, or getting my hair cut. Those things don't hurt either.

 3. Reading. I LOVE to read. Like no body's business. And this year, I've really slacked. I've tried to pick up a book many times. But with everything physically going on with me...I just can't get it together. It's horrible. My goal is to at least read one book a month.

 4. Faith. I LOVE my faith. I hang onto it, like no body's business. It's the ONLY thing that has gotten me this far. I want to continue to read the bible daily, to study it, and keep my daily prayer journal going.

I would like to find a good bible study group. Or a group of ladies, who have the same love of God. Earlier this month, I went to a Girls' Night Out with my Mom. To my cousin's church. It was so fulfilling. Not our religion. But the faith was strong. And I enjoyed it.

This is what I miss most, about the community I used to live in. That sense of community. When we'd meet to study the bible, craft, or just hang out. I need to find a group like this.

 5. Speaking of...I want to have a "Local Circle." When I used to live by myself, in another city, I had that. A group of friends, that became my family. We'd worship together, play together, and perform together. We did life together. In every aspect! I miss that so much!

I want that here. Unfortunately, I didn't really keep up with my friends from school. And these days, most of my friends are of retirement age. I'm looking for a bit of a younger circle.

And when those people ask me why I'm not married...or don't have kids. Well, I have a new response for all of you. Do YOU know a good man? Honestly, this part of my life is...well let's not talk. Unless you know someone.

 6. Fun Mail Fridays. I'm really good about this, with our foundation. But I want to do this with my family and friends. About halfway through the year, it all fell apart. And I want to get it going again.

 7. Getting ready. As easy as it sounds, it gets lost. Especially when you are home. 90% of the time. I live in oversized sweats. Rarely wear makeup...or do much with my hair. I want to change that. Again, probably not were things were 10 years ago. But to get it together. Use some of that crazy makeup stash. Feel good about my cousin did an amazing job. So get it together girl.

 8. Stop being a "Yes Girl." Say what's on my mind. Don't be afraid. Stop avoiding people. They will still be around, if they were meant to be. But were does it get me, to always say yes? Be stressed out!

 9. Start those new businesses. That one, that includes my passion (baking). Continue to grow my blogs. And grow my YouTube channel. All things I once did. And LOVED. It's time to pick up that passion.

10. Hit those goals. By that, I mean a trip for my Mom and I, a new pup, working on the house, maybe a car, and hopefully a job. All those things, that require me to be doing better physically.

There you go. My goals for the year. How about you? Anything special planned? Big goals for yourself, business, or craft? I can't wait to see 2019! 💕

Monday, July 30, 2018

The Week of WIPs

I don't think people believed, that I was going to take it easy this past week. But that is exactly what I did! Partly, it was an unwilling decision. But any way that you look at it...I took it easy.

In all reality, I didn't do much crocheting. I did a TON of sleeping. And not by choice. Because I literally, couldn't do anything else. And then, I tackled these dreaded 4 bags. Of Yarn Barf...

If you're not familiar, that is when all your yarn gets tangled up. Pretty much, I started with one bag. Who knows when. And I stuffed all my WIPs in it. I thought I'd quickly go back. Instead that HUGE reusable bag from JoAnn's...soon was met with a second bag. Then they got put in the closet. Where they'd fall. And I just shove everything back inside. Not really paying attention, to the mess that was happening. 

Eventually, it grew to 4 bags. With yarn tangled everywhere! One skein of yarn, was literally tangled in and out of all the handles...of those 4 bags! It took me 3 days, off and on, to untangle everyone. I rolled the yarn into balls. Made 1 bag of WIPs. And got to work.

I didn't seem to finish many projects this week. Honestly, only one got done. But I've managed to find a bunch of pieces to projects. 3 WIP blankets. And I started to work on some potholders and coasters. Which are needed at this time! Our supply is way down!

My Mom managed to stay motivated. And worked through all my naps. She is back into sewing. And spent a better part of her week, cutting out aprons, hats, and toys. She likes to do all the cutting. Then all the sewing. Eventually ending, in a day of putting everything together.

And as always, there are items that we worked on. But didn't quite finish. So they will be saved for another day. Hopefully next week. Until then, let's take a look at what actually made it to our stash!

Technically, this never made it to our stash. Nor was it intended to. This bag, I started it last week. I was making it for my Sister Jai. For her birthday. And when she unexpectedly couldn't make it to her Birthday BBQ...I didn't finish the bag. But I managed to finish it last Monday night. After a 12 hour nap!

I think my sister, is the only person that doesn't have a favorite color. So I let my Mom pick out the yarn. And I made my regular Market Bag. The yarn is a Caron yarn. The large skeins. I think it's 14oz. And I'm not sure of the actual color. I think I tossed the label, before I could write it down.

Two things about this yarn. One I LOVE this particular color! I want to make a blanket out of it. I think a baby blanket would be a nice addition to our stash. And I'd like to make a larger blanket, for our upcoming Love For Blue Fundraiser. It's just a nice mix of blues and browns.

Second, most of the Caron One Pounder really thick! And kind of stiff. Perfect I found, for making these Market Bags. And winter blankets. Oh, and hats and scarves. But the variegated yarn, is softer. Much softer! And has a nice feel, in your hand. You get 2oz less, than the normal One Pound. But it's soft. And a little thinner. In my opinion, this would make the most perfect blankets! I've made 2 blankets, with other colorways. And they sold the day I put them out. I had another one, that I was working on...and it sold before I finished it. Too bad I can't find that color anymore...

We gave my sister her gifts yesterday. And immediately, I realized that I should have made the straps longer. I mean, they are the same as all the other bags...that I've made. But my sister likes to wear her bags, across her body. So I should have made those handles a little longer. But she still liked it. I think she's going to use it for a Yoga Bag.

3 years ago, when we started selling at the Growers' Markets, my Mom had a stash of these blankets. These are her Go-To, for Baby Shower Gifts. And they've become a staple in our little TCH Shop. So much so, we ran out! The first full day, that my Mom was on her vacation.

So while she was beach side, in Cali, she worked on this blanket. And she ended up, finishing it, early last week. We have a yellow one in the stash. But that is it folks! Grab it, while we got it.

Because we recently ran into an issue. Walmart stopped selling many of the Baby Bernat colors. Pink, blue, yellow, white, and some variegated colors are available. But the green, lavender, and peach...we're struggling to find them. We managed to find a skein of lavender and one of a sale. But haven't had any other luck. And we've checked every craft, hobby, and yarn store around...

Like I said, my Mom got back to sewing. She had cut out this hat...back in June. And had plans of making an entire outfit. Before she got sick. Then it went on the back burner. And 4th of July came and went...

But she finished this Sunhat. And I think it's so cute! It's a patriotic pup pattern. Now she's debating...should she sew the little outfit? I think so. But who knows, what will happen next.

My Mom was also trying to get some Super Hero stuff made. Before Sunday. Because it was Super Hero Day, at the Rail Yards Market. I mean, I also had plans of 3 Super Hero amigurumi toys too. I managed 3 capes...and all their arms and legs. That's as far as I got.

As you can see, my Mom managed a Superman hat. We already have an Avengers. We sold both of our Batman hats. And have 2 more cut out. Super Heroes are ALWAYS popular! So we'll continue to make them. As long as we can find the fabric. Because that's were things ALWAYS get sticky.

As for my toys, their parts are still waiting. In a bag. And I'm determined to get them finished up. I'm working on 2 Super Boys. And a Super Girl. And I have plans before football season begins. So be on the look out!

Blankets. Oh blankets! And oh MERMAIDS! We've made quite a few of these. In the last few months. And this has to be our most popular girl pattern. This season, we've easily sold 10. And my Mom made another 6. On Friday! Just in time for the DGM.

We also managed 4 of these sweet "I Love My Daddy, I Love My Mommy" blankets. I realized that we don't have the boy color scheme. And for whatever reason, it's not a fabric that we buy. Regularly. But we should. There seems to be a "Boy Rush" this year. And we need more boy items.

This is our most popular boy print. The "Rock Monster." Same story as the Mermaids. We added 4 more of these blankets to the stash. Because...ya know! There seems to be a buncha boys being born...

To me, this fabric speaks...All things boys! We bought it back in January. And hadn't done anything with it. We only had enough for 2 blankets. But I see this, as being one of those popular ones. I think it's super cute!

Lastly, these coasters. Remember when I told you, I found a bunch of stuff...mixed with my Yarn Barf. Well, I have a stack of coasters. And of potholder pieces. I've been trying to find the entire I can finish them. I keep finding 3 potholders, 2 coasters, or the pieces...and not the yarn.

That's what happened here. I found these 4 coasters. Just waiting on me. All I had to do, was hide the ends! I know. But I managed that Saturday morning. While sitting at the DGM.

Now to tackle the 3 blankets I found. The stacks of heart purses. And all those coasters and potholders. Ugh! If I could just find the entire set. It would make life so much easier...

Between, I've also started some other projects. Like another baby blanket. Using a variegated yarn by Caron. In a baby print. Off the top of my head, I can't remember the name of the color. But I LOVE the way it's looking!

Oh, and I have those toys I started. Along with another mermaid. And some more potholders. What's with me and potholders? I managed to crochet the sides of a lot of the heart purses together. And to crochet around the handles. I just need to actually sew the handle to the purse.

I'm giving myself 2 weeks, to tackle this HUGE bag of WIPs! There are so many good things in there. Including a Sugar Skull scarf. That I just need to hide, a million ends. And those blankets...I really need to finish them. For our stash.

Lastly, I have this growing list of items, that I want to make. From toys, to blankets, to hats, dolls, and baby sets. I recently started Pattern Testing again. Which makes me so excited! And I found a really cool serious of amis on Insta. 100 minis. That I'm just waiting to go on sale. I've been LOVING all the pics, that the designer keeps sharing.

My Mom also has a pretty lengthy list of projects. She's got so many aprons cut out. As well as sunhats and bonnets. Raggedy Ann and Andy sets...are slowly coming together. Toys are being sewn...and just need to be stuffed. Lala Loopsy Dolls, are slowly coming together. I keep finding pig's ears, frog's legs, and duck our couch. Oh...and I may have started working on some rag dolls. And dish towel sets!

So that's it, for this week. Time for me to go rest. And get some crocheting done. I really want to have a good amount of items next week. And have a pretty high goal, set for August 11th...when we return to the Growers' Markets! Happy Monday! 💕

Monday, July 23, 2018

Slowing Down...For Just A Bit

Hey Guys! If you're reading this, you are probably wondering what's going on. Well, I'm not 100% sure. I haven't been feeling well. For a few weeks now. I've been trying to figure it out. 

You see, a couple of weeks ago...I got sick at the Wednesday Lunch Market. I was on my own that day. And I barely made it home. The next day, I was in the hospital. Getting an iron infusion. And spent a solid 18 hours, laying in a hospital bed. This came, just a week after a visit to the Urgent Care. 

I'm not sure what is going on medically. I just don't feel right. I think it can be somewhat linked to the HOT weather, that we've been having. But it has scared me. If you know me personally, you know I NEVER go to the doctor. So this is serious.

Since my Mom got back from her vacation, we've been working. Trying to make items for last week. We sold 4 days. In a roll! And honestly, just trying to make it though those long days. Thursday-Saturday, our event times were from 8AM-6PM. Add in setting up, and tearing down. It was A LOT!

Then on Sunday, we had the Rail Yards Market. And I was just feeling horrible. How bad, you ask. After we set up, I slept in my chair. The ENTIRE Market! I was feeling so bad! The high temps yesterday, did not help. At all! And I barely had it in me, to help my Mom tear down, pack up, and get it all in our vehicle.

When we got home, I slept for hours, after the Market. Never woke up to eat. I just don't feel right. Dizzy. Not a 100%. It kills me to load all of our stuff. My body is just rebelling. And I have another round of blood work this week...

So we're going to take a little break.  I had been doing extra Markets. And I need to just stop. For a bit. So NO Wednesday Lunch Market for us. For a couple of weeks. I can't exactly tell you when we'll be back. Just that we will. Maybe mid-August?

As far as upcoming Market Dates...we'll be at the ABQ Downtown Growers' Market Saturday. Because we're scheduled. And probably won't return to the DGM or RYM until the week of August 11th.

I know! I'm already feeling anxious about it. I LOVE going to the Markets! Even if we have a slow the last couple. I just adore getting out. Talking to customers. Hanging out with other vendors. But I NEED to take a break.

We'll take this break. From actually attending the Markets. But we'll continue to create items. For the Markets. And work on orders. There are so many items, that I've been wanting to make. And this little break, gives me some time.

I'll continue to blog. And post to our various Social Media accounts. But the actual selling at the Markets, is going to slow a bit. I just need to let my body recover. And probably figure out, what is really going on. It takes a toll, just being out and about. Especially when temps are in the high 90s...and those dreaded triple digit temps! And you know, setting up an entire store, 3-4 times a week, is just a tad bit taxing on the body.

So I'm going to curl up on the couch, with my crochet, and take it easy. Catch up on some movies. Cuddle with my pup. That kind of thing. Feel free to contact us. And send me some inspiration. I truly hope, that our customers understand. This is not normal for me. And this is not something, that I've decided on...without some sleepless nights. It's a tough decision to make. But I do promise, we'll be back. With a ton more product! I've already been working on some WIPs! 💕

Monday, July 2, 2018

The Week of Toys

Hi everyone! How is your Monday going? Ours, is a little on the shaky side. Our car is down. It happened on the way home from church yesterday. Luckily, we weren't at the Market yesterday. That could have been a disaster!

Anyhow, we had a week, heavy in toys! Because we were seriously low!!! I can't believe how quickly sales go, when it comes to our little toys. It makes me excited. And a bit nervous. All at the same time. Because sometimes we just can't keep up. But here are the items we were able to make this week. :)

I 100% concentrated on these sweet girls! We had so many, just a couple of weeks ago. And I was down to just one, on Sunday. So I spent my week, making all the little parts. And putting them together. I just LOVE me a cradle purse!

To be honest, I also have a bag large Ziplock bag, full of more parts! Enough for another 5. I just need to make the main body. The white part. But I'm trying to stay ahead of the game. Which can be difficult, at the height of the Season.

My Mom also focused on toys this week. She just LOVES to make these little pigs. And they are pretty popular as well. The littles are always calling them Peppa and George.

She also managed another two. We sell them individually. But I'm thinking of buying a couple of Peppa the Pig books. And adding in a Peppa and George. To sell together.

My Mom also made another duck. She made quite a few last week. And had one more, to put together. I just need to put a ribbon on it.

Again, I need to put a ribbon on this gal. My Mom made another giraffe. These toys, have to be one of our best sellers. And we can't keep up with them. I've been trying to help my Mom. She lays the patterns. I cut them out. And then she sews them.

These little guys...well I didn't know how to take the pictures. I have had SO MANY requests for these guys. They're car cup coasters. So they go inside of your drink holders, in your car. The circle fits right inside.

From what I have been told, it helps to keep your car drink holders clean. Like if you have a spill, then you just take these little coasters out. And wash them. Instead of having a HUGE mess!

So I sat down a few weeks ago. And made a bunch of them. I think there are 26 sets. And then I threw them in a basket. And forgot about them. I literally, just needed to hide the ends. So I sat down on Friday...and did just that. Here I have the warm colors.

And the cool colors. I think these are my fav! And I've been considering, making some for our own vehicle.

And here, I have some neutral ones. I ALWAYS save my scraps, from other projects. And a project like this, is perfect to use those scraps up! 

People don't believe me, when I tell them...we rarely have any yarn that doesn't get used up. We save our scraps and use them for amigurumi, projects like this, or little adornments for hats and scarves. 

I have some other projects that I've been working on. I just haven't finished them up. I have stacks of objects to put together. Literally, I just need to spend one entire day, sewing projects together. Maybe next week! 💕

Friday, June 8, 2018

Two Crafty Hearts Crochet Class

Hey Guys! I've had SO MUCH interest, in people wanting to learn how to crochet. So if you follow us on Facebook, you have seen all the info. But here goes...

I've had other classes before. And as you may have noticed, this one is going to be for 2 2-hour sessions. At the Unser Library. The address is 8081 Central NW. The library is on the northwest corner of Unser and Central. The classes will be held on June 19th and 26th, from 6-8PM.

I will be charging $35 per person. And if you'd like for me to pick up your supplies, it will be an additional $15. You will need to contact me ahead of time, if you want me to pick up your supplies. You can send me an email here.

If you will be purchasing your own supplies, please bring a size I crochet hook. And 2 colors of 4 ply yarn. Such as Red Heart, I Love This Yarn, or

We will be learning the granny square. This will be a beginner class. By the end of the class, you will have made a set of potholders. Something like these...

But you will learn how to go on, and make a blanket. By making one large granny square, similar to this...

Or by using smaller squares. And connecting them. Making a different blanket.

I know, I have also received lots of interest in private lessons. I'd recommend taking this class first. And if you feel like you need further instruction...we can chat.

If I don't hear from anyone, by June 18th...I will postpone the class a week. And the dates will move to June 26th and July 3rd. Don't forget to email, if you are interested. You can also view our Facebook Event💕

Monday, May 21, 2018

We Did It!

Guys, I got some GREAT news! We DID it! Thanks to all of you. Did you know, that we have a foundation? We started it in February 2015. It was my Dad's dream. Before his passing. And we've been working hard, to hit our goals.

Well, we hit it again. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers! Thank you all! Every single sale, helps us. And do you want to know what our numbers are?

1. We were able to award a $1500 scholarship, to a graduating APS Senior. Headed to NMSU. That is so exciting!

2. During the 2017-2018 school years, we were able to pay for $1000 worth of field trips. For local APS schools. That came out to about 4 field trips. That just makes my heart smile! So many kids, got to do something fun! This was something my Dad did a lot of! Giving back, to the parts of our community, that just couldn't afford these fun days.

3. We were also able to sponsor some local youth sports this year. For a total of $1000. Which really made me excited...we doubled that number from last year.

Our goal for next year, is to provide 2 scholarships. And double our field trip money. I'd also like to double our sponsorships.

But you know what? It is all because of you. All the people that continue to come to the Downtown Growers' Market, and the ABQ Rail Yards Market. Each sale. If it's $2 on a flower sucker bouquet. Or $60 on a Christening Set. Every bit of it helps.

And I want to personally Thank You. I literally sat here, and cried, while writing out the checks. It may seem silly. But my Dad,'s what he did all the time! And it was truly his dream and wish, for us to continue his work. He was so passionate about helping out the Albuquerque Youth. He wanted every single child, to have a chance. To participate in sports, music, go to college, have fun on a field trip, and own a book. He was so PASSIONATE about this!

What's up next for us? Well, if you following us on Facebook, then you see our Events all the time. I try and let everyone know where we are...and when we'll be there. For example, this weekend we'll be at the ABQ Downtown Growers' Market on Saturday. At Robinson Park. From 8AM-12PM. On Sunday, we'll be at the ABQ Rail Yards Market. From 10AM-2PM. So we hope to see you at one of our events. :)

But there is something new. The Wednesday Lunch Market. On Civic Plaza. Wednesday from 11AM-2PM. We'll be at spot #36. It's something new, and I hope to see some of you there. It should be a fun afternoon!

And in case you don't know about it, we're planning 3 fundraisers. For our foundation. The first is a Tea Party, on August 4th. So ladies, let your friends know. We are hoping for a large turnout. Littles are welcome too! We'll have all the fixings for a Tea Party, some crafts, and lots of items for sale!

All the money we raise, goes to our Love Caregivers program. We send little notes, cards, letters, small gift cards, and much caregivers. If you know any, you can definitely nominate them. We try and send out 3 cards/notes a week. And one larger item (gift card, package, pay a bill) once a month. So we can definitely use a little help.

Also, with Love for Caregivers, we ALWAYS welcome cards, postage, and gift cards. It all helps. If you'd like to make a donation, let me know. And since I've been a caregiver since 2010, I know...some days are tough. And just a little note...can make your whole week better.

Our other two fundraisers are a bit bigger. First we'll have our "Annual Fundraiser," which includes a 5K Fun Run, Car Show, and a sale of our crafts. We'll also have bake goods and such for sale. Along with a raffle. It is a fun day! All the money raised, goes into the Love for Blue Foundation. So we can continue to do good work in our community. And help fight Colon Cancer.

Lastly, mark your calendars! This Fall, we are planning our First Annual Dinner and Dance!!! I am so excited for this! We will have local New Mexican musicians. A yummy meal. And tons of items for sale...and a raffle. Not only are we hoping for a fun night...but we're hoping this is our largest fundraiser to date!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment. Come out and chat. Or send me an email. We are so excited! This has been such a blessed year! Thank you all! You are the village, that has allowed us, to meet our goals. And we appreciate it, much more than I could ever say! 💕

Friday, February 2, 2018

CAL #3: Traingles and Stripes Baby Blanket

Hi Guys! Happy February! So I've been wanting to make a bigger project. To be 100% honest, I like to make blankets in the winter. And only in the winter. I've managed 4 baby blankets since New Year's. I'm on a roll. But probably because it's been so cold here. I HATE having to sit down and crochet a blanket, in the middle of summer. But winter...I can make a blanket in a day or two.

And after chatting with a few people on Facebook, a blanket seemed like the most obvious way to go. I've been looking at a ton of patterns. I know a lot of beginner crochet peeps are following us. So I didn't want to tackle a king sized anything. Have you ever tackled that size? Me...not quite that big. It's a little many tackle that size of a project.

So we're tackling a baby blanket. I figured it would be the best way to go. On top of that, Baby Season is almost here. So we better start getting ahead of the crowd. 

To be honest, I was searching for something completely different. And I came upon this picture. Followed a few links. And found the pattern. I thought it would be perfect for our foundation. So I'm being a little, I don't know the word for it...selfish? Because I need to start making items for our next fundraiser. 

As far as the CAL, I'm thinking this should be a fast one. The pattern is really easy. And I think many of us, will be pushing to work ahead. I thought of making this one of those CALs, that takes the entire month. But I think we can get this one done, in 3 weeks. 

Working 1-3 color section, every week. Basically 18 rows a week. By the end, we will be anxious to get that trim done. And call it a day. What do you say? Are you in? Is it too fast? Let me know your thoughts. 

Oh, and I'm completely stumped by my color choice. Initially, I was drawn to this pattern, because of the picture. I like the simple pattern. And feel like this pattern needs a solid color. No variegated yarn for me. At least for this project.

I really like this entire project. The color scheme used. The pattern. The design of the diamonds. But I have 4 large balls of Lion's Brand Baby Soft. 2 in Creamsicle. And 2 in Bluebell. I'm thinking one of those colors would be a nice option. I can't really tell you how much yarn you will need. The designer doesn't state. But I'd say less than 4 skeins total.

I'm making my blanket a little larger. Starting with a chain 102. Instead of a 90. I find when selling, this is a good size. And while I'm thinking about it, I have a large amount of a cobalt blue yarn. Ugh! The decisions...

But in a nutshell, 3 weeks. We'll have a baby blanket! If you're like me, you might work ahead of schedule. Because I HATE having undone projects laying around.

Don't forget to print the pattern, get some yarn, and work rows 1- 18. That's the first 3 color sections. 💕

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Craft Lighting

I don't know about you. But I craft morning, noon, and night. I'm not lying!!! I have been a caregiver for about 7 1/2 years now. I had a completely different career before. And I would only crochet as a hobby.

These days, it has turned into a business for us. And honestly, a way to pay the bills. But at night, it's so hard to see. I avoid all dark materials. At all costs!

We live in an old house. 100+ years old. It's adobe. And the lighting is horrible! During the day, it's great. Open the curtains, and get to work. But at night, ugh!

So I've been researching lamps. I mean, we have your standard lamps. A floor lamp from our local furniture store. And a couple of table top lamps. But our overhead's horrible!

Have you taken a look at lamps? Lately? How about craft lamps? They are expensive!!! But I was thinking, with a Joann's's not too bad. So I got on Joann's website and did a little search. Here's what I found...

This is an OttLite Dawson LED Floor Lamp. Right now, it's on sale for $74. I like the simplicity. But at the same time, I feel like I can find something similar at Walmart or Target.

This lamp is an OttLite Dual Head Floor with Tablet Stand. It's currently on sale for $120. And I like that it has a stand for my tablet. More and more, I'm saving patterns on my tablet. And not printing them out. This would be a nice little number. You could even put use the stand for a printed pattern. I just think this one, is a good idea. And honestly, my favorite of the bunch!

The 24w 3-in-1 Craft Floor Lamp has lots of useful options. For $140, you get a few different things. There is the light. And a magnifier lens. There is also a clip, on a gooseneck. To attach your patterns and such. This is nice. But I wish it had some sort of shelf. 

The Daylight Flexi-Vision Floor Lamp is a little pricey. $200. And there are no bells or whistles. So to speak. Basically, it's a lamp. A heavy duty daylight lamp. I'm not too anxious to purchase this guy.

This lamp is my FAVORITE!!! Also the most expensive of the bunch. $287. But to me, it has everything you could need, as a crafter. It looks nicer. As in, goes with your home decor. The goosenecks. I LOVE the craft shelf. Sorta wish it had more of a tablet shelf. There's a magnifier lens. And a clip for patterns.

You have the option to put the wheels on. Or leave them off. I like that! Because I would leave the wheels off. I really do like this lamp. Any friends or family reading this...I have a birthday coming up. All Joann Giftcards are welcome! ;)

I don't know about you guys, but I really do need a lamp. I also need my own Craft Room. My Mom has a Sewing Room. And I've been considering a little redecorating. An addition of a comfy chair, some good lighting, and storage. We have a room that we don't really use. It's kind of the "Catch All Room." So who knows... 💕