Monday, December 20, 2010

And the Winner is...

And our winner is The Bride! Please send us an e-mail at TwoCraftyHearts (at) gmail (dot) com. And Thanks to everyone that entered!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

I came across Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day about a year ago. And I knew that I wanted to participate in it. So when I saw the blog post last week, I talked to Mom about it. And we agreed to be a part of the fun!

We have a few items that we're going to giveaway. Just some stuff from our stash. But I think they'd make some fun Christmas presents. :)

This is a stuffed tutu for a little girl. What little girl wouldn't enjoy playing dress up? And there are jingle bells in there too!

And a warm scarf for winter. The color is between a light blue and a turquoise color. But as you can tell, I can't find my camera. My phone camera doesn't have the best quality. But it is a nice and warm scarf.

And the best part, this is one of Mom's Strawberry Shortcake Dolls. Isn't it too cute? I wish I could keep this one for myself. Can you believe that I don't have one?

Here's a close up of her cute face! So cute!

So for all the rules. Just leave us a comment with your favorite holiday treat. You get an extra chance for a link to a recipe. Oh, and you can get a 3rd chance if you follow our blog. Good luck! And you have until Sunday, December 19th at 11:59PM MST.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lifetime and Christmas Presents

I'm on the road this week. For my internship and school. And Mom is home. Getting through her last week of work before the holidays. Today was a long day, one that started with a 10K run for the hospital. And has ended with me in a fancy hotel.

After our fancy dinner tonight, we got the rest of the night off. Our supervisor and his wife went shopping. The other doctor from our hospital went to bed. He wasn't feeling so well. And that left me alone.

Never fear. I brought some projects with me. I'd like to share them with you. But they're going to be Christmas presents. So we will have to wait until after the holidays. But I did watch a cute Lifetime movie, A Christmas Wedding.

If you get a chance to watch it, you definitely should! It's not your typical Christmas movie. But it was fun. And I managed to almost finish one of my Christmas projects!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Roly-Poly Characters

These have to be the cutest Christmas characters ever! There's a Santa, a snowman, and an angel. And guess what? They're free today! Just head over to Free Crochet. :) I really want to make a few for Christmas presents.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Peppermint Coasters

Mom really liked today's free pattern from free Crochet. I have to admit they're very festive. I'm not sure that she'd use them as coasters. But they would be nice, to have around now for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Craft Fair Day

Today was our Craft Fair! We honestly had a great time. Mom and Dad set up the 2 tables. I was still on the road. But I managed to get there before the first mass got out. And I added my new crafts to the tables. We also did a little bit of baking, to go with our crafts. :)

Mom and Dad had to leave after 2 hours. We also had a Family Reunion today. So I took care of the tables by myself, for half of the Craft Fair. That happened to be the half that was the busiest! Maybe because Santa came to take pictures. But I managed. Thank goodness for a friend, who came by to chat with the people, while I made the sales. :)

I don't think all the booths did well. Mostly because lots of the items were way overpriced. I think people need to take the location and the economy into consideration. The lady next to me was selling stuff that I could find in shops, around the hospital, were I work. Mostly jewelry and scarves. Not handmade. But she had some good business. Our tables were pretty busy all day. And she was the friendliest lady!

The ladies that were across from us, they came to chat with me for a while. Neither of them sold a thing. I felt really bad. Mom really liked the shawls that one the ladies had made. Yup, we got some ideas. I think Mom is going to try and make herself one.

And the food, it sold so quickly! Our church sells breakfast, lunch, and snacks during the Craft Fair. Within 2 hours, they had completely sold out! I was getting a little concerned about Mom and I's baked goods. Then all of a sudden, we started to sell out! We even had a bit of a riot over the peanut brittle that I made. For some reason, I had such a hard time making it this time. I made a double batch. Honestly, I should have made 3 or 4 times that amount. That's how much people wanted it. I need to remember that for next time.

At the end of the day, we had a great time. I even managed to finish another scarf while I was there. I need to also remember, to make some more business cards. And to go looking for socks. I sold out of Baby Legs in minutes! I had made about 15 pairs. But that wasn't enough!

We came home with some pumpkin bread, and some cookies. But we did good. Made a good amount of money. Both Mom and I came home with $100 each, and put the rest into our stash. We use that as change for the next show. Or to buy supplies. It wasn't a bad day at all. Now I can't wait until the Craft Fair in February.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gingerbread House

This has to be the cutest little Gingerbread House! The pattern is available at Free Patterns. And honestly, I want to make one for myself. I've always enjoyed Gingerbread Houses. But this would be such a nice addition to my Christmas decorations. I'd really like to make it. Now to just find the time to crochet. :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jolly Rickrack Snowpeople

These little snowpeople have to be the cutest ever! This is the free pattern from Free Patterns today. It's a sewing pattern. I'd LOVE to have a Christmas tree filled with these little guys and gals. Oh, they just make me happy looking at them.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Precious Baby Booties

For over 2 weeks I've been searching for this book. Precious Baby Booties. I know that I had it about 2 months ago. I crocheted 10 pairs of booties. But now, now that I need it, I can't find it. :(

I even headed over to Hobby Lobby. With this week's 40% off coupon. They no longer stock this book. And because I'm not home, I can't go to our local JoAnn's. Which I know would have it. They always have older books.

So now, I'm stuck with 10 baby bonnets, and no booties. Does anyone know of a free pattern that I can download? Something that's lacy and feminine. That would be really nice. If I don't find anything soon, I'm going to just sell the bonnets by themselves.