Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lifetime and Christmas Presents

I'm on the road this week. For my internship and school. And Mom is home. Getting through her last week of work before the holidays. Today was a long day, one that started with a 10K run for the hospital. And has ended with me in a fancy hotel.

After our fancy dinner tonight, we got the rest of the night off. Our supervisor and his wife went shopping. The other doctor from our hospital went to bed. He wasn't feeling so well. And that left me alone.

Never fear. I brought some projects with me. I'd like to share them with you. But they're going to be Christmas presents. So we will have to wait until after the holidays. But I did watch a cute Lifetime movie, A Christmas Wedding.

If you get a chance to watch it, you definitely should! It's not your typical Christmas movie. But it was fun. And I managed to almost finish one of my Christmas projects!

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Cole said...

That was the cutest movie! I seen it too!