Friday, December 2, 2011

The Flu, Dark Water, and Crafting

The past week has been tough. I started feeling sick last week. But I pushed on. It was Thanksgiving after all. And we had a lot of company coming over. Lots of cooking to be done! We got through it. And during the weekend, I could feel it coming on. I was getting sick.

I tried to ignore it Sunday. But Monday morning, there was no denying it! I could barely move. Everything hurt. And I felt like someone had hit me with a bus! I slept most of Monday. My parents had no medicine. And by the time I got some Monday night, I just wanted to sleep.

I got it together and went to work on Tuesday. Spending most of my day, driving. It was horrible! Come to find out, I not only have the flu. I have Strep Throat. Ugh! This was not the week to get sick. On top of all of this, I have 2 big concerts to perform at. And my Mom and I, are selling at our church's Holiday Craft Fair. Yup, bad timing!

While trying to recover this week, I've been curled up, in my office. I would say, a good 85% of the doctors are sick. The hospital is horrible right now. And I don't get it. We get so many shots every year, so that we don't get sick. But some "mysterious" flu has hit. A couple of us, have been reduced to "paperwork duty." Not too bad. We curl up in my office, watch a movie, do paperwork, sleep, hydrate, and I've been crafting.

One of the movies we watched this week, is Dark Water. Oh my goodness! What a movie. Initially, I didn't want to watch it. But my colleague was all over it. So I said, why not? It was such a great movie! You have to see it. I know that my Mom would LOVE it! She really likes movies like this.

I was just so into this movie. The ending was so good! And I got about 5 hats made. 5 hats, in less than 2 hours. At least my crocheting, isn't getting affected by my horrible health! :)

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