Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dia de los Muertos Toys and Decorations

When I think about Dia de los Muertos, I ALWAYS think of my Goddaughter. She LOVES this holiday! The kiddo, is just 11 years old. And has gotten all of us, to fall in love...with this amazing day. And celebration! 

And when I think of celebrating, I think of good memories. I was a professional Mariachi for over 10 years. And this was one of my favorite celebrations to work! I learned so much about my culture, and this holiday, from all those years!

So when I think about Dia de los Muertos, I think about fun. About celebrating, our loved ones. About making new memories. And passing on tradition. I think about all those things...that make this day so special. The people, religion, traditions, food, music, art, stories, etc. 

A few years ago, I found this pattern. And thought my Goddaughter could use one. For her birthday. I modified it a bunch. And made 3. Sent them in the mail. And I thought she was just going to kill over. When she got them, she was so excited!

This is another idea, that literally fell into my lap. And has been such a success. A friend, asked if I could make one. Before I knew it, I was making 10! She is such a fun doll. And I've attempted a few other similar dolls.

Whenever I think of Dia de los Muertos...I think of Papel Picado. And I was so excited, when I found these last year. I'm not a thread crocheter. But this could be a game changer!

I bought the thread months ago...I just need to sit down. And put my mind to it! I want to at least make 3. For my Dad's alter. But how fun, would these be, as place mats?

And because all kids need to carry something. I usually make wands. But these would be fun too!

This pillow, I may have gotten a few requests for them too. I think they are so fun! And would be fun, on the couch. All season long!

These buckets, were a regular for me as well. They're not tough. Just a fun addition to the season!

I saw similar pieces to these recently. And I fell in love! The possibilities are endless. I can already see myself, making a ton of them!

Skulls, buttons, and amigurumi! Need I saw more? I want to make dozens and dozens. They are so fun! And for my Goddaughter, they would be a fun birthday favor.

Kids enjoy the holiday as much as us adults. And I think we should encourage it. More than just the outward "skulls." But the true reason, behind Dia de los Muertos. Let the littles help with the alters, prep, and of course...the celebrations!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Hat Season Is Here!!!

Hat Season is here! In full swing. At the Growers' Markets we've definitely seen the shift. The last month, sales have been all about babies! We completely sold out of baby boy items in July. And last week, we sold all of our baby girl blankets. I'm kind tired of all things blue and  pink. So I decided to try something else, that we're in need of. HATS!

There have also been tons of sales...surrounding hats and booties. It doesn't matter what they look like. People are just in the market. I have sold about 20 sets, of hats and booties. All colors and sizes. 

So I've been making tons of these sets! TONS! I used to like the I Love This Yarn, Fan Pride. By Hobby Lobby. It was a nice way to make "Sports Themed" sets. Without having to use a bunch of colors.

I didn't know that it had been discontinued. I went to Hobby Lobby recently, and couldn't find it. When I searched the website, and eventually did a Google search, I realized it was discontinued. I'm so sad about this. Already JoAnns doesn't sell Red Heart's Team Spirit. And it NEVER goes on sale, on their website.

So I found this yarn. I can't remember what it was called. But it's by I Love This Yarn. They have 2 or 3 colors, that can sorta pass for sports team colors. I had an order for a Denver Broncos set. And this is the final product. I also bought a couple of skeins to make for the Saints. We'll see how this goes...

I've also decided to crack down on my animal hats. We've sold quite a few. And I've not really restocked. All season long! I think I've made about 3, since April. I couldn't find any of the patterns that I had previously used. So I winged it. I found some pictures, of hats I'd made in the past. And went to work.

I really like this bird pattern. To me, it looks a lot more, like a bird. For now, I'm trying to concentrate on beanies. In a bunch of different sizes. But hopefully soon, will add a few hats with earflaps.

These really are a favorite of mine. I like how every single hat, has it's own personality. Even if I make 5 of the same type of hat...they each look slightly different.

This is the only hat I made with earflaps. I sorta went off of an old pattern. But I'm not crazy about this hat. I think I would like it more, if it were a beanie. I just can't get enough of monkeys though! So I'm sure, this week, I'll be making more. 

I also hear all the time, that we don't have enough "Boy Stuff." So I decided to make all the Ninja Turtles. I don't know their names. I just know what color they are. 

I made them all different sizes. Sat down, and crochet the first green section, and the color. Then when I came back, to finish them...I ran out of green yarn! Ugh! So I just finished one. 

I still need to go get some more green yarn. But this honestly, is one of my favorites. The kids get so excited. I'm also considering a few baby items. Maybe a cocoon. Or a diaper cover set. :)

Then I decided to try a few "Seasonal Hats." The first being this Candy Corn. I thought it was so cute! I want to make a ghost, witch, Jack-O-Lantern, Frankenstein, and maybe something with a spider. I already make a black cat. And I'm considering some sort of skull.

I also made a pumpkin. It is super tiny and cute! Think newborn. Oh. My. Goodness! It is so cute. And I'm considering making one, for me. We've been helping a Farmer Friend of ours. Selling at a few Growers' Markets. How fun would this be...when the pumpkins start coming in!

Lastly, we have this 'lil apple. I think this could be my favorite. Again, it's super tiny. I was experimenting with a new pattern. But I want to make this in a bigger size. You know, Apple Season is here!

These are not the only hats, that I'm working on. I currently have, 12 hats...waiting on parts. I make a ton of beanies. Then all the parts. Then one day, I sit down and put them together. So if you follow us on Instagram, then you'll be seeing a ton of hats. Probably by the weekend. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Dia de los Muertos Crochet

It's that time of year! You know, the temps are changing. Fall begins this month! And although I wear and think about skulls all year long...this is when I start pulling everything out!

So I started going through our stash. I tend to take all of our Seasonal stuff, out of our regular containers. You know, I don't want to be hauling Santa to the Grower's Market in June. And then, when we get closer to that season, I add them to our stash.

I didn't find anything! Not a thing! Not a scarf, a skull, or a marigold. What?!?!?! Then I remembered. I took them with us, to one of our Holiday Craft Shows last year. And sold them! Every single one!

I can't even find the pictures from last year. So what am I to do? You know, I don't go off of patterns either. So I started a Google search. And came up, with so many fun projects. So many...that there will be a few posts...

I'm still on the fence, about being in the parade this year. My family gets all into it. And if it was something I knew right this second, I'd make this for me. I still might make this headpiece. I like the look. And no matter what, I'll at least paint my face. Dressing up, is 95% of the fun!

And isn't this the cutest little thing? I would LOVE to make a bunch, for the Muertos y Marigolds event. In lots of bright colors of course!

This sombrero, immediately made me think of my Compadre! He would have me make him this. And we'd sport our looks, to our Goddaughter's birthday party. Because that's how we roll!

I had just been talking to my Mom about this idea. I make a ton of animal hats. And thought something like this, would be a fun addition. Honestly, I'm going to get started on these bad boys, right away!

Last year, I made a bunch of similar scarves. All colors! They were such a good seller. And this hat, I've honestly wanted to make something similar for years. I need to get started!

This hat is another fun and simple twist...on skulls. Something fun for the kiddos. I really enjoy this look. And can manage to make a just a short amount of time. 

Then I started thinking about marigolds. And did a quick search. Because you can't have Dia de los Muertos...without marigolds!

These baby sandals are so cute! I want to make them all year! Not just for Dia de los Muertos. 

Twinkie Chan ALWAYS has fun ideas. And this shawl, is a play on marigolds. I think this would be a fun item. You know, it's usually cool...if not cold...during the festivities. 

And where there are celebrations...I have to have buntings of some sort! I came across this marigold bunting. And just fell in love!

How about a more open marigold? This is so pretty! And I think it would make a GREAT addition to any alter or area setup, for Dia de los Muertos.

And when we talk about Dia de los Muertos...we must include Santos! I've saved quite a few pictures over the years. And I'm still on the fence. I think I never want to make something look odd. I want it to represent the Santo well. But I'm feeling like I must dive in, head first!

Here are just a few ideas, I have floating around. I've been wanting to make a bunch of more "culture rich" items for a while. To have on a regular basis. Not just trendy stuff. So I think this is a good start. Dia de los Muertos is just 2 months away!!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Learn to Crochet #1 Projects

Hey guys! Like I mentioned in my last post, we're starting a Learn to Crochet class. The last Tuesday of every month. If we need to do it more often, we will. In October. And I'm trying to put together a Sunday afternoon class. I've had a TON of people, request something on the weekend. 

Back to our TCH Learn to Crochet class. I want to teach you something easy. So you don't get discouraged. But something that you will enjoy. I've come up with 5 options. At the end of the post, leave me a comment. With your favorite idea. The one with the most comments, will be our first project!

Option 1: Granny Square Potholders. This option will lead to Option #5. Keep that in mind. I always have people asking me about the Granny Square. It's simple! And can be used in a variety of patterns. After learning the chain...this was my first real "pattern" to learn. A potholder is also useful. And an easy gift to make. Think upcoming holidays...

Option 2: Earwarmers/Headband. As I was making this...all I could think of, was Fall! To make this option, it's all about learning tension. Super fast project. You can leave the band thick, with no cinching. Or even making a skinny headband.

Honestly, I added all the projects from this post, to our Market Stash. But this one...I just couldn't! I'm keeping this one for me. And praying that the weather changes soon...

Option 3: Cell Phone Holder. This is another item, I'm always asked about. I honestly, never thought about it...until I started getting 10+ requests a day! Super easy and quick. And you can customize it, to your liking.

Honestly, I'm not into the long strap...personally. And I finally got around to making one for myself. Without the strap. But with a button. To close the top.

Option 4: Easy Scarf: I know! It's still a million degrees outside! But if you are learning to will soon be considered a crafter. That being said, crafters usually think a season ahead. So making a scarf, isn't too crazy!

Again, you can customize this pattern. Have a favorite sports team...use their colors. Don't like the fringe? Skip it! Add a border instead. This is also another great option...for gift giving.

Option 5: Granny Square Blanket. After learning the basic Granny can turn it into a variety of items. Like a blanket. :)

In this picture, I'm showing a blanket for a doll. It's roughly, double the size of the potholders. And probably took me, an hour to make. This same idea, can be turned into a baby blanket. Or any size of a blanket, that you want to make.

Don't forget to comment with your favorite project. Monday night, I'll count up the comments. And post our project on Facebook.

Also, don't forget to pick up a skein of yarn. Or 2. Depending on the colors you want to use. I prefer Red Heart's Super Saver. And a crochet hook...or 3! Buying the 3 pack from Boye is probably your best option. With sizes G, H, and I. The supplies should cost you, under $10. Hope to see you Tuesday!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Do You Want To Learn How To Crochet?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to crochet? Every week, I get at least 10 people asking me to teach them. It's not a new thing for me. I've taught a few family members. A group of friends. And a class...or three.

And about 10 years ago...I taught my first class. 12 of my besties. We'd meet every other week. At Barnes and Noble. They'd order coffee. And get me a brownie. We'd hangout for a couple of hours. And after a few months, my friends had each made a blanket.

Recently, I've had a few family members who are also interested. And a ton of our customers. So I thought, why not another class? That's right! A crochet class. Let's talk about the details...

Ideally, I'd like met twice a month. Somewhere not too far from my house. Where we can be comfortable. Since I'm opening this up to the public, our home is out of the question. Sorry folks. And when I think about the surrounding area...I'm a little stumped. There's not a lot to pick from. Back when I was in college, the Barnes and Noble/Starbucks was minutes from me.

So I'm thinking, the Unser Library. If that doesn't work...Dion's on Coors and Central. These locations seem to be more central, to the people I know...who are interested. We'll be meeting on the last Tuesday of every month. Starting in August. Due to some other commitments, I won't be able to do 2 classes a month, until October.

I've also had some interest in a weekend class. So how about we starting thinking about that. I'm going to say, we'll aim for late September. Probably on a Sunday afternoon. Possibly the last weekend of the month. Weekends are tough for us. Being that we sell at the Downtown Market weekly. And then at the Railyards, from time to time. The off season gets more complicated, with Holiday shows.

As far as supplies, you need to provide your own. I would recommend buying a skein of your favorite Red Heart Super Saver Yarn. Maybe even 2 different colors. Keep in mind, dark colors are a little more challenging to work with. Black yarn, makes seeing your stitches a little difficult. And as much as you may want to try a soft yarn, or something more fancy, it's a challenge when you are first learning.

When we talk about crochet hooks, I'd suggest buying Boys crochet hooks. More specifically this set of 3. That include the size G, H, and I. One hook is about $3, at Wal-Mart. And the set of 3 is $6. These 3 sizes are the most common. So if you have them, you'll be able to make so many different things.

The cost of this class, is free. Other than, about the $10 that you'll spend on supplies. But if you want to bring something...well I'll never turn down an iced tea, dark chocolate, a gallon of gas, something yummy to eat, or a fun pair of socks. Heck, I'd be excited with a skein of yarn. But don't feel like you're obligated. Heck, your spare change will make me smile. And so will your smile! :)

Our first class will be on August 29, 2017. At 7PM. Just make sure to bring your yarn and crochet hook. In the next few days, I'll have a post. With a few projects to vote on. I'm excited to share my favorite craft, with all of you!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Nurse Momma

One of my best friends, works with me in the hospital. She's an incredible pediatric nurse. An amazing woman. And the best friend, I could ask for. No lie!!!

Lexie struggled with fertility problems. For years. And it just broke my heart. You know, sometimes, you meet people, and just know. They are meant to be parents. Lexie and her hubby, are those kind of people.

On December 12, 2012, the welcomed twin girls!!! What a blessing! Oh, and I just might be a Godmother again. :)

Sweet Lexie went on maternity at the end of the Summer. She spent her last trimester, on bed rest. A precautionary move. To make sure, those sweet girls, were safe! Then Lexie got 8 1/2 weeks of maternity leave! If you're doing the math, she would have been back to work on February 11th. But my friend was pretty smart. She stacked her vacation and sick time. Saved it up. Which allowed her, another 8 weeks at home!!!

That brings us to today. April 8th. Lexie is going back to work. I talked to her last night, and she was a total wreck!!! Actually, all week we've been talking. And Lexie, was not looking forward to going back to work. How could she leave her girls? Especially for the hours she works...

I knew I had to do something for Lexie. And the girls. But what??? I'm over 4 hours away. Working at another hospital. All I want to do, is give them all a hug. Tell them it's going to be OK. But I'm not near. What to do???

I spent a few hours searching Pinterest. :) And then headed to Target. I bought my sweet friend a gift. Wrote her a note. And set to make 2 little nurses...

I figured I'd send each of the girls, a little nurse. So they could have their momma close to them. You know, while she is at work! I got everything made, and sent out on Friday. And they got their package on Saturday! :)

Love this pattern! It's so cute. And was such an easy pattern. Did I mention, it's free!!! You just have to love K and J Dolls. Their patterns are adorable. Now, I'm thinking of turning this amigurumi nurse, into an amigurumi doctor. :)

I feel bad, because I'm not near Lexie. What can I do??? I did give Lexie my work number. Hoping to be of some help today. I know she has missed work. And I know, she'll miss her girls. But I know, this will be good for all of them.

Lex, I love ya girl! Take deep breaths. The girls are going to miss you. But they will be OK today. And when you get home, they'll have great big smiles. Just for their momma!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cupcake Garland

My beautiful Goddaughter turns 1, later this week. She is a doll and a half!!! Her family is having a fun dinner, later this week. On her birthday. Because her birthday party is later this month. But I wanted to make something fun. For the dinner.

I found this cute garland pattern. And I called up my Commadre, to ask what colors she was going to use for the dinner. I know Alice. She had already bought colorful plates, decorations, and an outfit for Sofia!!! And she ordered the most beautiful flowers.

I'm going to go with some pretty, and bright colors. I'm definitely going to make Sofia's cupcake garland longer. Alice and Mark, have a long buffet in their dining room. I know exactly how long it is. Because I might have made a few garlands for my friends. :)

I honestly can't wait for Friday!!! I get to see my good friends. And my precious Goddaughter. Dr. L...I've missed my old friend. He also happens to be Sofia's Godfather. Friday night, is going to be all about fun. And shouldn't turning 1, be all about cupcakes and fun? I think so!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Easter Bunny and the Googy-Eggs

Easter is less than a week away! We're talking days here. And my cousin just invited us, to her house. :) For an Easter BBQ!!! Well, I've been working on a few Easter treats. For my Goddaughters, friends' kiddos, little niece, nephew, and small cousins. But now, I need a few more. And they need to be quick and easy!!!

What do you think about these cuties? First of all, I adore this bunny! He's just too cute and fat. :) Perfect for Easter! And these silly eggs, I would have NEVER thought of something like this. But they are too cute! I want to make a bunch!

Which is good. Since I've got 3 days to make 10+. And I have 2 BBQs ahead of me! Between, I adore the "line up" in this picture. And this amazing blog! Go check out Woolly Toons. And maybe, you should make a bunny too!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh Chick!

St. Patty's Day is now behind us. And all I've got on my mind is, Easter!!! I've been thinking about bunnies, lambs, and chicks. Anyone else? I just can't help myself! So I went on a little search this morning. In Blogland...

Well, I found this cute blog on my search. It's loaded with yummy treats. That are super easy. And oh so cute. So I might just have spent an hour, drooling all over my laptop. :) To top that off, look at these chicks!!!

Ya, I know! I've been trying to figure out, how to sneak out of work. I NEED to go buy a few things. Maybe I can bribe a few of the other doctors. :)

What are a few of your favorite crafts or recipes for Easter? I've been looking for something new. And fun! I still can't believe Easter less than 2 weeks away! Just point me in the right direction, of some fun Easter treats and crafts. :) Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easter Garlands

It's almost Easter. And if you're like me, you're running a little behind this year. Is it just me, or is the year racing by???

Yes, the "Queen of Holiday Decorating," is ridiculously behind. If I hadn't run to Dollar Tree on Monday, for electrical tape, I wouldn't have any Easter decorations. Nor would I be motivated to create any. But there is something about that store. And once I seen the cute wreaths, I knew I had to get in gear.

Yesterday was insanely busy! Add to that, my Dad was incredibly sick. Today he's not much better. But there seem to be a few hours, between "emergencies." Also, we are less busy. And my Mom can help much more.

So I thought I look around the internet for some inspiration. And I found just what I needed. You know, to get me motivated. And with some scraps of yarn, I'm well on my way, to making a fun Easter garland.

I'm using this bunny pattern. Making a few of these sweet little guys. They are super easy! And I slightly modified the pattern. I wanted bigger ears. And I wanted the bunny to look a little more "neat." The way the pattern is written, my bunny was a little on the "wonky" side!

Then I found this cute egg pattern. This is really helping me use up the scraps of yarn, that have been stacking up! I've got bits and pieces of so many colors! But I picked out 5 colors. And I think I'm going to make 2 eggs, with each color.

A few years ago, I made a cute Easter garland. It's back at my house. And I haven't been able to find the same patterns, that I had used. :( I know! It really is sad. One was an adorable chick! But I think this is going to look great!

And if I had more time on my hands, I would try something like this. :) I know for a fact, that my Mom has a ton of these plastic eggs. But you know, I'm just going to be happy on Monday, when I can take down the St. Patty's Day stuff, and add in some cute bunnies. I can't believe, Easter is almost here!!!