Monday, April 8, 2013

Nurse Momma

One of my best friends, works with me in the hospital. She's an incredible pediatric nurse. An amazing woman. And the best friend, I could ask for. No lie!!!

Lexie struggled with fertility problems. For years. And it just broke my heart. You know, sometimes, you meet people, and just know. They are meant to be parents. Lexie and her hubby, are those kind of people.

On December 12, 2012, the welcomed twin girls!!! What a blessing! Oh, and I just might be a Godmother again. :)

Sweet Lexie went on maternity at the end of the Summer. She spent her last trimester, on bed rest. A precautionary move. To make sure, those sweet girls, were safe! Then Lexie got 8 1/2 weeks of maternity leave! If you're doing the math, she would have been back to work on February 11th. But my friend was pretty smart. She stacked her vacation and sick time. Saved it up. Which allowed her, another 8 weeks at home!!!

That brings us to today. April 8th. Lexie is going back to work. I talked to her last night, and she was a total wreck!!! Actually, all week we've been talking. And Lexie, was not looking forward to going back to work. How could she leave her girls? Especially for the hours she works...

I knew I had to do something for Lexie. And the girls. But what??? I'm over 4 hours away. Working at another hospital. All I want to do, is give them all a hug. Tell them it's going to be OK. But I'm not near. What to do???

I spent a few hours searching Pinterest. :) And then headed to Target. I bought my sweet friend a gift. Wrote her a note. And set to make 2 little nurses...

I figured I'd send each of the girls, a little nurse. So they could have their momma close to them. You know, while she is at work! I got everything made, and sent out on Friday. And they got their package on Saturday! :)

Love this pattern! It's so cute. And was such an easy pattern. Did I mention, it's free!!! You just have to love K and J Dolls. Their patterns are adorable. Now, I'm thinking of turning this amigurumi nurse, into an amigurumi doctor. :)

I feel bad, because I'm not near Lexie. What can I do??? I did give Lexie my work number. Hoping to be of some help today. I know she has missed work. And I know, she'll miss her girls. But I know, this will be good for all of them.

Lex, I love ya girl! Take deep breaths. The girls are going to miss you. But they will be OK today. And when you get home, they'll have great big smiles. Just for their momma!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Cupcake Garland

My beautiful Goddaughter turns 1, later this week. She is a doll and a half!!! Her family is having a fun dinner, later this week. On her birthday. Because her birthday party is later this month. But I wanted to make something fun. For the dinner.

I found this cute garland pattern. And I called up my Commadre, to ask what colors she was going to use for the dinner. I know Alice. She had already bought colorful plates, decorations, and an outfit for Sofia!!! And she ordered the most beautiful flowers.

I'm going to go with some pretty, and bright colors. I'm definitely going to make Sofia's cupcake garland longer. Alice and Mark, have a long buffet in their dining room. I know exactly how long it is. Because I might have made a few garlands for my friends. :)

I honestly can't wait for Friday!!! I get to see my good friends. And my precious Goddaughter. Dr. L...I've missed my old friend. He also happens to be Sofia's Godfather. Friday night, is going to be all about fun. And shouldn't turning 1, be all about cupcakes and fun? I think so!!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Easter Bunny and the Googy-Eggs

Easter is less than a week away! We're talking days here. And my cousin just invited us, to her house. :) For an Easter BBQ!!! Well, I've been working on a few Easter treats. For my Goddaughters, friends' kiddos, little niece, nephew, and small cousins. But now, I need a few more. And they need to be quick and easy!!!

What do you think about these cuties? First of all, I adore this bunny! He's just too cute and fat. :) Perfect for Easter! And these silly eggs, I would have NEVER thought of something like this. But they are too cute! I want to make a bunch!

Which is good. Since I've got 3 days to make 10+. And I have 2 BBQs ahead of me! Between, I adore the "line up" in this picture. And this amazing blog! Go check out Woolly Toons. And maybe, you should make a bunny too!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Oh Chick!

St. Patty's Day is now behind us. And all I've got on my mind is, Easter!!! I've been thinking about bunnies, lambs, and chicks. Anyone else? I just can't help myself! So I went on a little search this morning. In Blogland...

Well, I found this cute blog on my search. It's loaded with yummy treats. That are super easy. And oh so cute. So I might just have spent an hour, drooling all over my laptop. :) To top that off, look at these chicks!!!

Ya, I know! I've been trying to figure out, how to sneak out of work. I NEED to go buy a few things. Maybe I can bribe a few of the other doctors. :)

What are a few of your favorite crafts or recipes for Easter? I've been looking for something new. And fun! I still can't believe Easter less than 2 weeks away! Just point me in the right direction, of some fun Easter treats and crafts. :) Happy Monday!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Easter Garlands

It's almost Easter. And if you're like me, you're running a little behind this year. Is it just me, or is the year racing by???

Yes, the "Queen of Holiday Decorating," is ridiculously behind. If I hadn't run to Dollar Tree on Monday, for electrical tape, I wouldn't have any Easter decorations. Nor would I be motivated to create any. But there is something about that store. And once I seen the cute wreaths, I knew I had to get in gear.

Yesterday was insanely busy! Add to that, my Dad was incredibly sick. Today he's not much better. But there seem to be a few hours, between "emergencies." Also, we are less busy. And my Mom can help much more.

So I thought I look around the internet for some inspiration. And I found just what I needed. You know, to get me motivated. And with some scraps of yarn, I'm well on my way, to making a fun Easter garland.

I'm using this bunny pattern. Making a few of these sweet little guys. They are super easy! And I slightly modified the pattern. I wanted bigger ears. And I wanted the bunny to look a little more "neat." The way the pattern is written, my bunny was a little on the "wonky" side!

Then I found this cute egg pattern. This is really helping me use up the scraps of yarn, that have been stacking up! I've got bits and pieces of so many colors! But I picked out 5 colors. And I think I'm going to make 2 eggs, with each color.

A few years ago, I made a cute Easter garland. It's back at my house. And I haven't been able to find the same patterns, that I had used. :( I know! It really is sad. One was an adorable chick! But I think this is going to look great!

And if I had more time on my hands, I would try something like this. :) I know for a fact, that my Mom has a ton of these plastic eggs. But you know, I'm just going to be happy on Monday, when I can take down the St. Patty's Day stuff, and add in some cute bunnies. I can't believe, Easter is almost here!!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

This has been a bit of a wild week. And it's ONLY Monday!!! Honestly, I just wish I had a day off of work. But medicine, music, and the "Holiday Season," aren't letting that happen. Not anytime soon, that is.
But we're not going to let that get us down. Nope! My Mom and I decided that we wanted to participate in Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day. Since we were supposed to talk about this yesterday, and I didn't make it to our "Craft Fair," I was on my own.
I got to thinking. What are we enjoying at the moment? And what's a "hot" trend going on? Well, you can't go wrong with something for "baby." There are ALWAYS new babies! We are going to give away a copy of this book...

I first came across this book, at Wal-Mart. About 6 months ago. And I've made everything inside. More than 5 times! OK, so our family and friends, might have more babies than most. But you get my point. There is always a "demand" for baby items. For the price of 1 skein of yarn, and a button, you have a cute gift. A handmade gift! That just takes a day or so to make. :)

I might also have 2 other books from this series. A pack of crochet hooks. And a $50 gift card to JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby. The winners choice. We're feeling the "season" around here. And want to share something fun, with our readers. And visitors!!!

Now you ask, what do you have to do? Just leave us a comment. With your favorite Holiday Craft. Or Pinterest craft. Anyone else "in love" with Pinterest? Or is that just me? At work, I like to "steal" a few minutes, to look up crochet patterns, recipes, and holiday cheer!

Just leave us a comment. And you have until Friday, December 7th. Sew Mama Sew, says I have to close our giveaway by 5PM PST. So let's get those comments coming. Don't forget to checkout the other giveaways. And Good Luck everyone!!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Nothing Says Summer Like...

To me, nothing says summer like s'mores. Nothing! It wasn't a "tradition" in my family. Nope! But when I was about 5, my grandparents moved to the mountains. It was heaven! For the entire family. Weekly, we'd go visit. I'd spend entire summers with them. And because my grandma LOVED to fish, many hours were spent at the lake.

We always had a little fire going, at sunset. My grandma would be making coffee, on the open fire. And I'd go find a stick. I'd sit there, roasting my 3 marshmallows. It was my perfect end, to all those perfect days. With my grandparents at the lake!

When I was in middle school, I started going to summer camp. For music. It wasn't all summer long. But it was glorious! This is where, I learned about s'mores. I know! I had a rough childhood. It took until I was 11 years old, to discover s'mores!!!

Well, I sorta kept my little secret, to myself. Until 4 or 5 years ago. I'd buy Hersey bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows. The beginning of summer heat, meant I needed these things! It was that one thing, I just loved to share with my Goddaughters. It didn't matter, that I had to use the BBQ grill to toast our marshmallows. :)

I also finally made my parents s'mores. I think it was 3 years ago. My Mom LOVED them! My Dad, I think he thought I was nuts. But I sat there, over the stove, toasting marshmallows. And we enjoyed our little treat.

Well, this week, I needed a bit of a "pick me up." I spent all day Monday, in the hospital. Dealing with some health issues. Things I'd been ignoring for far too long! And I'd been feeling bad. Not really wanting to do anything. Which isn't good, when you're getting paid, to make people happy. I'm telling you, in general, musicians are a happy bunch of people. But some days, that smile, is just another part of the costume...

So I was pleasantly surprised, when my friends had a fire going. And all the makings of s'mores. Yum! That smile, wasn't fake. And it's been plastered across my face, ever since. Yes, my friends now how, to cheer a girl up. :)

As my Goddaughters were so excited, covered in sticky, yummy goo, I got an idea. Can I turn s'mores into some amigurumi fun? I took to Google. And I came up with this picture...

So cute!!! But another broken link, when I tried to find the source. :( Have you seen this picture before? Or know where I can find the pattern? I searched Ana's blog. To me, these look a lot like her patterns. No luck! I searched Etsy, eBay, and Ravelry. No luck!

I think these will be perfect, for the itty bitties in my life. I just need to find the pattern. If you have any idea, where I can find this pattern, please leave me a comment. I'd really appreciate it. Oh, and don't forget to enter our giveaway!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Groundhog Day

On Monday, I was just not having the best of days. Sometimes, that just happens. And you have to deal with it. You know, life is not always about sunshine and puppy dog tails. Let me tell you, neither was Monday.

But I'm lucky. I have a wonderful group of friends. That surrounded me. Helped make Monday, a better day. Thank goodness for them! And as I was trying to wrap my head around the days activities, my friends made me a yummy dinner. My best friend suggested we watch Groundhog Day.

Where that came from, I'm not sure. But she pulled out a DVD. We settled in. With our yummy dinner, and enjoyed the movie. I'd never seen this movie. I don't know how that happened. But this was a nice way, to take my mind off of my troubles.

And the evening wasn't complete, without a little crafting. I started a new summer throw. Crochet. I'm in love with the colors of yarn. And I'm totally "winging" the pattern. I'm making it up as I go. So we shall see what happens! Either way, this is what I needed on Monday night. Oh, and don't forget to enter our giveaway. You have until Friday! :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

Welcome everyone from Sew Mama Sew!!! There are 2 days, in the "Crafty World," that I really look forward to. Both are Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Days! :)

Since Christmas, I've had this book waiting. Just for today. You see, for Christmas, I received 3 copies. And well, I didn't need 3 copies! I managed to exchange 1, for the 2nd in the series. But the 3rd, well I couldn't do anything with it. So I thought, I'm going to give one away. :) Between, it's an AMAZING book!

Now for the rules. You have until May 25th, at 5PM EST. And all you have to do, is leave me a link, to your favorite online shop. For craft supplies, or patterns. Super simple! And don't forget to head over to Sew Mama Sew's blog. There are so many great giveaways posted right now! Good Luck everyone!!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ideas From Friends

I don't know if I've ever told you this, but I'm in a band. Actually, 3. But right now, I'm traveling with just one of the bands. We're on the road for almost 2 weeks. And it's perfectly fine with me! Because I get to spend so much time, with some of my best friends.

On top of that, some of their wives came too! That means, a few of my Goddaughters get to travel with us. And you know what, life is just better with little ones! It just is. :) Between our work, we got lots of time, to just sit, talk, and catch up. For me, this is so welcomed! Because most of the time, I'm just on the go.

While talking yesterday, one of my friends mentioned this idea. She found it online, but didn't save the source. So if you know where it's from, please leave me a comment. :) Anyway, she saved the picture. On her phone. Then she e-mailed it to me. Isn't this adorable???

I think idea is so fun! I don't eat lots of Altoids. To be honest, I have a tin of the minis. And I've had it since before Christmas. But you know that band that I mentioned? Well, it's filled with tons of cowboys! Who enjoy munching on tons of Altoids. The original ones. Some whispering happened. And before I knew it, some of the most precious little girls, were begging their daddys to hurry up and finish their mints!

Genius I tell you! Well, when we get back, can you tell what I'll be working on? Heck, we have Monday and Tuesday off. For the most part. I just might, try and make a run, to pick up some supplies. I'm sure, these are super easy, and quick to whip up!

I just love that my friends come to me, with fun ideas like this! Do you have friends that do that? Or do you have any other fun ideas for me? I'd love to hear from you!