Sunday, March 18, 2012

Where Did Hoppy Chick Go?

I'm attempting to start my Easter craft projects. The little goodies, that I give to my Goddaughters. I knew immediately, what I wanted to make. For me, that's saying a lot. I usually spend, weeks trying to find the perfect project. But not this year.

You see, about 2 years ago, I found Hoppy Chick. The cutest little chick, that was dressed up for Easter. That year, I made 4 or 5. Gave them to a few kids in the hospital. And I figured, that I'd make a few more this year. Not just for my Goddaughters, but for the kids in the hospital. I love to make them things. It brings a little something special to their day. :)

Well, I went to search down the pattern. Since I had originally worked on Hoppy Chick, we moved hospitals. So I didn't find it, in my file at work. In fact, I still need to finish unpacking my boxes! :/ We've been here a few weeks, and those boxes...well I hate looking at them! Then I took to searching my jump drives. No luck! My laptop, well she burnt out, about 18 months ago.

That only left one option. The internet. There's not much that I know about this pattern. Other than, it's an amigurumi chick. Super cute! Extremely easy to make. At the time, it was a free pattern. And it's name is Hoppy Chick!

Ain't she a beauty? Now you can see why, I want to make it again. But I can't find the pattern. Somehow, I saved this picture on a jump drive. The pattern? I don't have a clue where I saved it to! I've searched everywhere! Every place I can think, on the internet. But I keep coming up empty handed.

Do you have any clue, where I can find Hoppy Chick? I'm willing to buy the pattern. Like I said, at the time, it was a free pattern. But with many designers these days, taking popular free patterns of theirs, and deleting the posts. To then sell the patterns...I understand! I just want the pattern. I have 5 little girls at the hospital, that are begging for their very own Hoppy Chick. And I can't let them down!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Bunny Fun!

Are you like me? You have a wreath for every holiday. An actual coat closet full, of "door accessories?" I can't lie. Wreaths are my weak point. If I see them on clearance, it's hard to walk away. And I'm always looking for new ideas.

I've tried almost everything that's out there! No lie! I guess, I doesn't hurt, that I have 5 doors, leading outside. It makes me feel, like I can continue to add to my collection. :)

So what do you get, when you have a wreath form, bunny ears, and a few white boas? Well, a bunny wreath! I found this picture, on Google. And it has me jumping of my seat, excited!!!

I've got a Hobby Lobby coupon in hand. And I can't wait, to make my own bunny wreath. I know. I already have 4 Easter wreaths. But this little guy, is just too cute, to pass up! What do you think?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Story About a Sewing Machine

I got my first sewing machine, when I was in elementary school. I wanted to sew. But I'm positive, my Mom didn't want to teach her small child, how to sew on her expensive sewing machine. Instead, my parents bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. Nothing fancy, or special.

But I LOVED it! My sister also bought me a big sewing box, filled with tons of supplies! There was not a happier 7 year old, around. :) I'm almost positive, my parents bought the sewing machine at Wal-Mart. For less than $100. Crazy thing is, I never used it! I think, I tried sewing once. And didn't know what I was doing. Heck, I was 7 years old!

Well, we ended up taking my sewing machine, to my parents' cabin. We figured, on the weekends I'd learn how to sew. It didn't happen. But my Mom did sew on it. :) Jump ahead. I'm in my twenties. Living on my own. And I take my sewing machine, to my house. I start sewing, and I LOVED it!

For the next few years, I'm so inspired. Not just by "Blogland." But by my friends' kids. My Goddaughters. And stuff that I couldn't afford to buy. All was going great. Until, it wasn't anymore. My sewing machine, didn't want to work. I tried everything. I took it, to get worked on. Nothing!

After a few months, I just gave up. And I honestly didn't have any money, to spend on it. Or a new one. So when I had to sew, I'd go use my Goddaughter's sewing machine. Not convenient. But it was working. My parents surprised me, with a new sewing machine.

Again, it wasn't anything fancy. One of the Singer sewing machines that Target sells. That week, it was on sale for $70. How do I know? Because I went to the 5 local Target stores, looking for it. With no luck! And I happened to mention this, to my parents. On a Friday night. Before my birthday. Not expecting anything. Just annoyed that I couldn't find my sewing machine.

My parents happened to find one, in their city. The next morning. That was my birthday present. And I was over the moon! It was quite a bit different from my old machine. This one, was a front loading machine. My other, was a drop in bobbin. This machine, was also light weight. That was both good, and bad. But I've gotten to enjoy it.

Honestly, I've been saving my pennies. Hoping to buy a better sewing machine. It's not that I don't appreciate these sewing machines. Or that I don't love them. Because I LOVE them!But I've been sewing a lot more. And I want something more durable. Something that has a few more "bells and whistles."

That lead to me visiting JoAnn's. And I was dreaming of the day, when I could invest in a nice sewing machine. One that makes button holes. And has fun stitches. Something to grow, with my new sewing abilities. That's when I spotted this beauty!!!

Isn't this a pretty sewing machine? Well, I picked up the brochure. And showed it to my Mom the other day. She LOVED it too! I'd love to buy this for myself. The 50th Anniversary Singer Sewing Machine! It's nice to dream about. A little bit of history.

But I'm very happy with my sewing machine. And the fact that there is history behind it. My own history. My own story in the sewing world. And I'm really grateful, that my Mom shared this love of hers, with me!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Garden Pals

There's something about March 1st. Every year, when it rolls around, I get so excited! It means there are so many fun things ahead. I'd like to call March, "Birthday Month." :) Not only is my birthday in March. But literally, for about 2 weeks straight, I know someone who is having a birthday. It's pretty crazy!

With March, also comes Spring. My favorite season of the year! I think about gardening, BBQing after work, sundresses, open windows, and little animals. It's just a magical time of year! Not to mention, Easter is usually just around the corner. :)

Today, I found a new pattern. I guess it was in this month's Crochet Today magazine. But I haven't been able to find it anywhere! But just look at these sweet Garden Pals.

This is a free pattern! Yes, you read that right. And I've decided, it's the "little surprise," that I'm making for all the kiddos this year. I might have to figure out a way, to make at least 2 boy bunnies. But it shouldn't be hard. You should give this pattern a try. I know I'm going to! Times 100!!!