Friday, February 17, 2012


Months and months ago, I was browsing Bernat's website. And I really fell in love with this sweater, that was on the front page. I still remember it. It was lavender. And adorable! So I contacted Bernat, to ask them, what pattern book it was from. Very quickly, and super nice, a rep told me it was the "It's a Girl" pattern book. I wrote it down, and started my hunt.

I live in a "smallish" town. I looked everywhere! Both Wal-Marts, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn's. Nothing! So I started hunting in the nearby city, where I work. Nothing. And there are so many more stores there! I searched in my hometown. NOTHING! I looked everywhere. And finally, after months, I ordered my book online. And I got it today! :)

Along with "It's a Boy!" I LOVE both of these books. And they are definitely worth, the $5 price tag. There are such cute sweaters in each book. And lots of projects, that I want to make. These books may have been difficult to find, but I'm glad that I finally got them. :) The only sad part is, that my cousin's baby shower is tomorrow. Maybe, I might manage one quick project. Maybe!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cute Idea

I came across, another cute idea, for Valentine's Day. And this one, seems so incredibly easy! You just need a little paint, some wooden hearts, and some ribbon. Just look how cute!

I'm a big fan, of crafts made to look like "Conversation Hearts." But I don't actually like the candy. I know, I'm weird. But this craft project, I'm in LOVE with it! And since I'm single, with no kiddos, I'm going to stick to the funny sayings, on the hearts. Now I just need to get painting. :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Just Might Have

Tomorrow, we're going to be selling at our church's Valentine's Day Craft Fair. Life has been really busy around here. You know, school, work, baby showers, birthday parties, and just life. That means, crafting has been a little slow around these parts. You know what I mean? Life has just taken over.

This is not good for a variety of reasons. I'm sure you can guess why. One, we're behind, way behind, on gifts! Way behind! My cousin's baby shower is about 2 weeks away, and I might have 1/2 of her gift finished. Half! My Mom is a little behind too. Oh, and then, our "stock" is down. From the craft fair in December. And Christmas time.

But with life being so busy, there's not much I can do. I managed to make a few hats, some amis, and a baby blanket. This week! It's been crazy! I've literally been crocheting between classes, on my way to work, and through meals. But it's getting done. :) So I feel like I need to make up in other places. Like baking. So I went a googling, and I came across these beauties!

Whoopie pies. Not just any whoopie pie. But chocolate cherry whoopies! I couldn't pass them up. And along with my usual cupcakes, candy, and other treats...I baked up a batch of these goodies! Yum! I can't wait to see people's reactions. I know in the south, these are big. Real big! My friends love them. But around my hometown, I honestly hadn't heard of them.

The craft fair is in a few short hours, and honestly I feel so behind! I'm going to try and stay up a few more hours. You know, to make a few more things. Perhaps some headbands, hair clips, or maybe finish this sweater that I'm working on.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Let's Wear Red!

Today is the first Friday in February. And I encourage everyone to wear red today! It's a simple way to show your support. For all the women in your life. And I also encourage you to visit this website. Take a look at the different signs and symptoms. Consider your own health. You just never know, when this information, can be lifesaving! Let's wear red all month long!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Headbands

Do you ever see something, and say to yourself, "I have to make that!" I do this all the time. Usually, it's while I'm looking at some overpriced headband in Claire's. Or a simple piece of jewelry at Charming Charlies. I'm just being honest here. But most of the time, I snap a picture and head to the craft store.

For me, part of it is the price. I'm a college student. That really doesn't have much money, to spend on anything, besides my tuition and books. Then there is that thing. You know, the making of something. It always feels so good to see something, that you've made. And I like that. So I took some inspiration, from this picture.

I was all smiles! Looks like felt, buttons, and an elastic headband. Simple. And inexpensive. I'm thinking, I could glue the pieces together. Maybe sew them. But wouldn't this be way too cute, for Valentine's Day?

How about a smaller one? For a baby. I think these are great projects. Fast projects. Super fast! And I'm thinking, I can make a couple of these. For our upcoming Craft Fair. OK, maybe more like a bunch of these. We really need to start stocking our "stash" again.  Because seriously, we are running low on crafts!

Maybe I can even make some for gifts. My cousin's upcoming baby shower. Maybe as Valentine's Day gifts. Or just as a cute birthday gift...for a little girl. Heck, I want one for myself!