Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentine's Day Headbands

Do you ever see something, and say to yourself, "I have to make that!" I do this all the time. Usually, it's while I'm looking at some overpriced headband in Claire's. Or a simple piece of jewelry at Charming Charlies. I'm just being honest here. But most of the time, I snap a picture and head to the craft store.

For me, part of it is the price. I'm a college student. That really doesn't have much money, to spend on anything, besides my tuition and books. Then there is that thing. You know, the making of something. It always feels so good to see something, that you've made. And I like that. So I took some inspiration, from this picture.

I was all smiles! Looks like felt, buttons, and an elastic headband. Simple. And inexpensive. I'm thinking, I could glue the pieces together. Maybe sew them. But wouldn't this be way too cute, for Valentine's Day?

How about a smaller one? For a baby. I think these are great projects. Fast projects. Super fast! And I'm thinking, I can make a couple of these. For our upcoming Craft Fair. OK, maybe more like a bunch of these. We really need to start stocking our "stash" again.  Because seriously, we are running low on crafts!

Maybe I can even make some for gifts. My cousin's upcoming baby shower. Maybe as Valentine's Day gifts. Or just as a cute birthday gift...for a little girl. Heck, I want one for myself!

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