Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lost Patterns...

My little cousin is expecting her first baby, in about 6 weeks. Her baby shower is just weeks away. And I'm barely starting her gifts! :( My schedule has been so bad! I've wanted to sit and start some stuff, but school, work, and the holidays kind of got in the way.

Not to mention, all the babies that were born, between August and November! So I'm ridiculously behind on projects. Oh, and the fact that the hospital where I work, is moving to a new not helping. My office is in shambles! Half of my stuff, is in my old office...the other half is in my new office.

I tried to get started on my projects. Yesterday. I bought all the yarn I needed. And then I hit a wall. I couldn't find the patterns that I needed. Or more like, that patterns that I wanted to use...

Like this book. Coats and Clark, "Soft and Sweet for Baby." That blue sweater with the hat, "Fairytale Set," is my favorite to make! There's also a cute Christening Set. And a Mother's Shawl in this book.

This book of booties, is also a favorite! I like to make those white booties, with the blue ribbon, to match the set above. Or I make the Mary Janes, to go with another hat, that I make.

And this book, well, has 2 sets that I like! A LOT!!! I like to make the flowery set, in pink. It's so cute! And that green hat at the top, it's a butterfly set. I really like making the hat and booties. :)

Two of my favorite blankets to make, are in this book. Along with those cute animals! Because the crib bedding that my cousin bought, would go perfectly with those animals!

This is the only book that I don't own. I've never even seen it in person! And there is a gorgeous sweater, that I want to make! No luck. At all! I just can't find this pattern book.

So I've looked all through my house. And in my old office. With no luck. I don't know what I'm going to do. Most of these are older books. And I can't find any of them in the craft stores, around here. If you happen to know, where I can find these books, PLEASE let me know! As soon as you can. Because I only have one blanket made...and I totally winged it! Looking at another blanket, that I had made...using that pattern. Oh, I'm having some issues...

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