Friday, January 20, 2012

Heart Headbands

Usually, I'm ahead of the game. At least by one holiday. No, I'm not lying! My friends always joke about it. In December, I'm usually done with with my Christmas presents. And starting on Valentine's Day gifts. Not this year. Actually the last year, has put me way behind!

And now, I'm going 100 MPH. Trying to get some gifts made. I always make something for my nieces, nephews, Goddaughters, my friends' kids, and my little cousins. ALWAYS! This year, I wanted to make little aprons, but as I told you, I'm running behind. So I needed a simple project. How about this headband?

These are the appliques you make first. Out of felt, thread, and buttons! Pretty easy. Right. I can see myself sewing this up, right up to Valentine's Day!

Then you get a headband, and start gluing away! I'm thinking, I'll probably get some elastic headbands. These itty bitty girls are just that...itty bitty. I think the elastic headbands will work better!

Aren't they just too cute? I think so! I'm not sure where these pictures came from. I found them from a few Google searches. Unfortunately, the links are all broken. :( If you know where they're from, please let me know. I'd like to give them credit. And thank them, for this quick project!

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