Monday, January 23, 2012

Decorating for Valentine's Day

At the beginning of the month, I went to Walgreen's. To pick up my Dad's prescriptions. And while I was waiting, I started to explore the store. They were setting up Valentine's Day stuff. And it just made me smile! I don't know why, but I LOVE to decorate for Valentine's Day.

This is funny. Because I don't like Valentine's Day. At all! I never have. But I really enjoy decorating for Valentine's Day. :) That's when I spotted some lights. In the shape of hearts. To make a long story short, my Mom and I each ended up with one. And before I left my parents' house, I decorated their house for Valentine's Day.

But when I got home, I just wasn't motivated. I had holiday decorations to take down. I had lots of stuff to put away. Life to get back into. Just a lot of stuff to do. And my light, it sat in it's box. On the chair. For nearly 10 days! I wanted to decorate, I just wasn't motivated. Until I saw this picture.

Isn't this little girl too cute? Well, this picture motivated me. To get up, and decorate. If nothing else, my HUGE front window. I started slow. I put up my heart light. Added some twinkle lights. And got crocheting. I made a heart garland. Then I realized it was too short. I told you, my window is HUGE! So that one, I'll probably try and sell.

Over the next few days, I've managed to crochet a garland. Actually, a couple. And on a quick trip to the Dollar Tree, I picked up some balloon lanterns. Added my Valentine's Day bunting to my mirror. I still want to make a few pillows, and add some of my other trinkets. Yes, I really do enjoy decorating for the holiday of LOVE!

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