Friday, February 17, 2012


Months and months ago, I was browsing Bernat's website. And I really fell in love with this sweater, that was on the front page. I still remember it. It was lavender. And adorable! So I contacted Bernat, to ask them, what pattern book it was from. Very quickly, and super nice, a rep told me it was the "It's a Girl" pattern book. I wrote it down, and started my hunt.

I live in a "smallish" town. I looked everywhere! Both Wal-Marts, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn's. Nothing! So I started hunting in the nearby city, where I work. Nothing. And there are so many more stores there! I searched in my hometown. NOTHING! I looked everywhere. And finally, after months, I ordered my book online. And I got it today! :)

Along with "It's a Boy!" I LOVE both of these books. And they are definitely worth, the $5 price tag. There are such cute sweaters in each book. And lots of projects, that I want to make. These books may have been difficult to find, but I'm glad that I finally got them. :) The only sad part is, that my cousin's baby shower is tomorrow. Maybe, I might manage one quick project. Maybe!

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