Monday, March 12, 2012

Bunny Fun!

Are you like me? You have a wreath for every holiday. An actual coat closet full, of "door accessories?" I can't lie. Wreaths are my weak point. If I see them on clearance, it's hard to walk away. And I'm always looking for new ideas.

I've tried almost everything that's out there! No lie! I guess, I doesn't hurt, that I have 5 doors, leading outside. It makes me feel, like I can continue to add to my collection. :)

So what do you get, when you have a wreath form, bunny ears, and a few white boas? Well, a bunny wreath! I found this picture, on Google. And it has me jumping of my seat, excited!!!

I've got a Hobby Lobby coupon in hand. And I can't wait, to make my own bunny wreath. I know. I already have 4 Easter wreaths. But this little guy, is just too cute, to pass up! What do you think?

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