Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift...For a Baby Girl

Last year, I was searching for the perfect gift. For my Goddaughter. Who at the time, had been in the hospital, for nearly 4 months! So I searched, and searched. That's when I came across the Flying Hearts Mobile. And I was instantly in LOVE!

I actually made mine, a little bigger. With 5 different colors. Something fun. For this precious little girl. And until this past November, when she got to go home, this hung in her hospital room! Now it hangs in her playroom. And she still LOVES it!

So as I was planning out projects for this Valentine's Day. When this came straight to my mind. Many of my friends, have recently become parents. To little girls. And I think this will make an adorable gift. It's super fun, easy, and interesting to make. Doesn't cost much. And is incredibly fast to make. What do you think? Would you make one?

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