Friday, December 16, 2011

New Snowflakes

For the last few years, my Mom has been crocheting Christmas ornaments. We've combined them with store bought ornaments, and it's made for a pretty Christmas tree. Lots of delicate crochet snowflakes. Made with thread. Mixed in with other white and sparkly ornaments. I even beaded some little ones for her.

I've always wanted to make some of my own. For my Christmas tree. But I don't really enjoy crocheting with thread. The thin thread that my Mom uses. And my Christmas tree is nothing like her more "dressy" Christmas tree. My Christmas tree is much more "traditional." In the sense, that it's a mix of many different types of ornaments. Collected over the years. With vintage lights. That kind of tree. So when I came across this picture, I was thrilled!

It's a little close to Christmas, for me to start this new project. But I had never thought of using twine. Or making snowflakes in another color, than white. And you know what, I really like this idea. This might be a good project to work on, all year. You know, make a few every month. This might just work out! And I could also make a few, to add to special presents next year. :)

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