Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lovely Lace Dress

I've been looking for dresses lately. One of my jobs, includes performing with a band. And I need some new dresses for our next set of shows. For New Year's! All the band told me was, to have fun dresses. A little sparkle, lots of color, and something that I liked. So I took to Google, and found this lovely dress!

Don't you just love it? The color. She shape. The lace. All that lovely lace! It's so ladylike. Yet, fun. A little sassy. And I think this would be cute, for one of the smaller shows. With my black boots. Sounds like fun to me.

Now, do I try and track down the dress. And buy it. Because the link in Google was broken. Or do I try and recreate it myself? If I do this, I better get started! Oh...the decisions!

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