Monday, April 1, 2013

Cupcake Garland

My beautiful Goddaughter turns 1, later this week. She is a doll and a half!!! Her family is having a fun dinner, later this week. On her birthday. Because her birthday party is later this month. But I wanted to make something fun. For the dinner.

I found this cute garland pattern. And I called up my Commadre, to ask what colors she was going to use for the dinner. I know Alice. She had already bought colorful plates, decorations, and an outfit for Sofia!!! And she ordered the most beautiful flowers.

I'm going to go with some pretty, and bright colors. I'm definitely going to make Sofia's cupcake garland longer. Alice and Mark, have a long buffet in their dining room. I know exactly how long it is. Because I might have made a few garlands for my friends. :)

I honestly can't wait for Friday!!! I get to see my good friends. And my precious Goddaughter. Dr. L...I've missed my old friend. He also happens to be Sofia's Godfather. Friday night, is going to be all about fun. And shouldn't turning 1, be all about cupcakes and fun? I think so!!!

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