Monday, April 8, 2013

Nurse Momma

One of my best friends, works with me in the hospital. She's an incredible pediatric nurse. An amazing woman. And the best friend, I could ask for. No lie!!!

Lexie struggled with fertility problems. For years. And it just broke my heart. You know, sometimes, you meet people, and just know. They are meant to be parents. Lexie and her hubby, are those kind of people.

On December 12, 2012, the welcomed twin girls!!! What a blessing! Oh, and I just might be a Godmother again. :)

Sweet Lexie went on maternity at the end of the Summer. She spent her last trimester, on bed rest. A precautionary move. To make sure, those sweet girls, were safe! Then Lexie got 8 1/2 weeks of maternity leave! If you're doing the math, she would have been back to work on February 11th. But my friend was pretty smart. She stacked her vacation and sick time. Saved it up. Which allowed her, another 8 weeks at home!!!

That brings us to today. April 8th. Lexie is going back to work. I talked to her last night, and she was a total wreck!!! Actually, all week we've been talking. And Lexie, was not looking forward to going back to work. How could she leave her girls? Especially for the hours she works...

I knew I had to do something for Lexie. And the girls. But what??? I'm over 4 hours away. Working at another hospital. All I want to do, is give them all a hug. Tell them it's going to be OK. But I'm not near. What to do???

I spent a few hours searching Pinterest. :) And then headed to Target. I bought my sweet friend a gift. Wrote her a note. And set to make 2 little nurses...

I figured I'd send each of the girls, a little nurse. So they could have their momma close to them. You know, while she is at work! I got everything made, and sent out on Friday. And they got their package on Saturday! :)

Love this pattern! It's so cute. And was such an easy pattern. Did I mention, it's free!!! You just have to love K and J Dolls. Their patterns are adorable. Now, I'm thinking of turning this amigurumi nurse, into an amigurumi doctor. :)

I feel bad, because I'm not near Lexie. What can I do??? I did give Lexie my work number. Hoping to be of some help today. I know she has missed work. And I know, she'll miss her girls. But I know, this will be good for all of them.

Lex, I love ya girl! Take deep breaths. The girls are going to miss you. But they will be OK today. And when you get home, they'll have great big smiles. Just for their momma!!!

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