Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Groundhog Day

On Monday, I was just not having the best of days. Sometimes, that just happens. And you have to deal with it. You know, life is not always about sunshine and puppy dog tails. Let me tell you, neither was Monday.

But I'm lucky. I have a wonderful group of friends. That surrounded me. Helped make Monday, a better day. Thank goodness for them! And as I was trying to wrap my head around the days activities, my friends made me a yummy dinner. My best friend suggested we watch Groundhog Day.

Where that came from, I'm not sure. But she pulled out a DVD. We settled in. With our yummy dinner, and enjoyed the movie. I'd never seen this movie. I don't know how that happened. But this was a nice way, to take my mind off of my troubles.

And the evening wasn't complete, without a little crafting. I started a new summer throw. Crochet. I'm in love with the colors of yarn. And I'm totally "winging" the pattern. I'm making it up as I go. So we shall see what happens! Either way, this is what I needed on Monday night. Oh, and don't forget to enter our giveaway. You have until Friday! :)

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