Monday, May 14, 2012

A Little Inspiration

I have a confession to make. Money is really tight around here. For me anyway. Mostly because, it's the end of my Spring semester at school. And I need to be making some rather large payments. It's unfortunate I tell you! Being that my Mom's birthday was Saturday. And Mother's Day was yesterday. But what can you do?

I got real creative. And I wish I had taken pictures to show you. But my Mom enjoys certain things. Like gardening. So I went to the Dollar Store, bought a few fun baskets. And loaded them up, on fun garden things. Including a ton of seeds!!! My Mom has been planting a garden, for a few years now. I also bought some gardening tools, and decorations. Oh an of course, flowers! My Mom LOVES flowers!

I also made her a fun basket, full of snacks. My Mom likes to snack. :) So I thought about lots of yummy things. But like I said, she had 2 special days. And I wanted to make her a little something for her kitchen. Being that she's in the middle of changing the decor.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine, and I were looking at one of those catalogues you get in the mail. And we saw these colorful wooden utensils. So fun! But they were a bit expensive. $50 for 5 utensils. What? That's what I thought! 2 days later, Jelly e-mailed me this picture. And it all hit me!

Jelly and I got to painting. We painted up 2 sets. A very colorful one for her. And a more "manly" set for our friend, Mems. He cooks for all of us, twice a week. We just thought he'd enjoy this.

Then I decided, I'd make my Mom a set. For her, I used yellow and green. She's going to be decorating her kitchen in John Deere tractors! How fun. :)

So there you go. My Mom really enjoyed her set of kitchen goodies. Not only did I do a little painting, but I managed to make some potholders. And add some fun decorations, to some plain kitchen towels.

Now, I think I'll start making some more of these sets. For the Christmas Craft Fair. I might even make some aprons. These should be fun!

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