Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! I just enjoy May Day. Mostly because I get to surprise the people I love, with little gifts. For the last 11 years,  I've left my neighbors a little something sweet. Just to let them know, I'm thinking of them. And friends generally get some yummy baked goodies. My Goddaughters, well that get a little flowery treat.

But I also enjoy May Day, because it brings us further into the growing season. Generally speaking, the flowers have been blooming for weeks here. And the heat, well it's definitely on the rise. May just brings so many wonderful things with it. Especially, the end of the Spring Semester. :)

Oh, and I found this picture. I just adore these little flowers. I think in a color palette of 3 or 5 colors, this could make a fun summer throw. Where is this pattern from? Because honestly, I want to work on this during May! :)

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