Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jell-O Cookies...Yum!

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to baking. We're going to give that credit, to my Auntie. She took care of me, until I was in 1st grade. Before and after school, I'd hangout with her. :)

You see, my Auntie was a caterer. She worked various events. And made the most amazing wedding cakes! Yup, before all these crazy cake Auntie was making church cakes. With running water fountains. And big doll birthday cakes! She taught me, to always try new things.

And as an adult, I feel like, I've done just that. Experimented with lots of food. Tried things, that previously, I never would have! And now, lots of those things, are my absolute favorites to eat. :) But this also applies to cooking and baking. Recently, I found Jell-O cookies. Everybody smile!!!

I know that they sound odd. But trust me, they're delish! The first recipe, came from a friend. She found them right after Valentine's Day. And they were honestly, the perfect addition, to a Baby Shower, that we threw. Yum! They were delicious. :) We made them with various red and orange jell-O...because the color palette for the Baby Shower was pinks and peaches.

About 2 weeks after that first recipe, another friend gave me a 2nd jell-O cookie recipe. This time, I tried green jell-O. Perfect for St. Patty's Day! And I really liked the lime flavor of the cookies. :)

Well now, we're across the country. Working. And I had another friend ask me to make some fun cookies. Now I know, I could have gone with something easy, and delicious. Like chocolate chip cookies. But I wanted to surprise, some fantastic kiddos, with colorful cookies. With this heat, I didn't want anything too heavy. Or with frosting that would just melt all over the place.

That's when I remembered those tasty jell-O cookies. But darn it, I don't have my recipes with me. But don't fret. I took to the internet. And found another recipe. :) Just as yummy. Just as quick! And just as fun. What more can you ask of a cookie?

To be honest with you, all 3 of these recipes are pretty similar. The final cookie, is pretty much the same. But they are definitely something you have to try! Because they are amazing. I know that jell-O cookies probably sound weird, but trust me, they are delicious! Now go bake a colorful batch of cookies!

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